Top 5 Reasons Why a TalentEgg Challenge Will Boost Your Resume


TalentEgg Challenges are a fantastic way to gain experience that can help you find a job. Giving you the opportunity to stand out and impress Top Canadian Employers.

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If you’re wondering how completing a Challenge can get you noticed by employers, we’ve covered some of the top ways your participation will give each part of your resume a boost.

1. Your Objective

Most people include a sentence or two on their resume that summarizes their employment goals. It’s a great place to show potential employers that you have an interest in their company and the work they do. When you complete a TalentEgg Challenge, you’ll have real-world experience to refer to when you’re talking about your professional goals.

It means you can truthfully say that you know you want to work in a certain field or on specific kinds of projects because you’ve already done it on a smaller scale and know enjoy it.

2. Your Skills

Challenges help you to strengthen your existing skills and develop new ones. Each Challenge will require you to be creative, think critically, do research and prepare a proposal based on your idea – all of which will look great on your resume. This year we’ve revamped our platform to include video content – this is a great way to practice your elevator pitch!

Plus, you can say that you’re responsible, ambitious and that you take initiative, because you seek out opportunities to learn and grow.

3. Experience

The first thing an employer will look at on your resume (second only to your education, perhaps) is your work and/or volunteer experience.

There’s often a frustrating catch-22 of needing a job to get experience and needing experience to get a job. Opportunities like TalentEgg’s Challenges are the best way to build up the experience section of your resume before you get a job.

And of course, the fact that you decided to enter a Challenge will demonstrate that you’re motivated, capable and ready to work.

4. Awards and Achievements

Your resume is a great chance to show off any achievements that you’re proud of, or that are relevant to the job you’re trying to get. If you complete a Challenge, you can list it along with any other credentials or awards you’ve collected up to this point – particularly useful if you’re a top performer, finalist or winner.

Participating in multiple Challenges is a great way to build up a body of experience and give you more to share in an interview or on a cover letter.

5. Your Portfolio

If you want to really impress a prospective employer, put together a portfolio when you apply to a job. Include a cover letter, your resume, transcripts, certificates or awards, samples of your work and anything else you think might be pertinent to the position you’ve applied for.

Each time you complete a Challenge, print off the description, your submission and your feedback report and add them to your portfolio. It’s an easy way to show a potential employer that you’re able to follow instructions and think strategically to come up with a feasible solution for a real-life problem.

The Verdict

As you can see, there are many ways that completing a TalentEgg Challenge can help your application stand out when you apply for a job. Be sure to elaborate on your experience from the Challenge in your cover letter too, not just your resume.

Upon reading your application, a prospective employer should see that you already have valuable, hands-on experience and respect your commitment to improving your skills.

And don’t forget that entering a Challenge also gives you a chance to win a great prize!

Ready to get started? Check out the latest Challenges and past Challenges here.


*updated by Stephanie Davis, original author: Riana Topan
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