Something for Everyone: The Chang School’s Intensive and Fast-Track Programs


If you’re looking to jumpstart your career or brush up on the latest trends in your industry, continuing education is an egg-cellent option for you! The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University has developed several unique intensive and fast-track programs allowing students to completely immerse themselves in popular fields ranging from computer security, robotics, and data analytics, to fashion design, digital art production, film production, and much more. Intensive and fast-track programs are offered on Ryerson’s downtown Toronto campus during the spring/summer and run for three months. Led by expert instructors with real-world experience, students gain the knowledge and skills of a full certificate program, but in a condensed period of time. We had the chance to speak with three graduates from various intensive programs about their experience and how it gave them an edge in their industry.

Foundation to Launch your Career

Anna Sullivan
Anna Sullivan
Marketing Coordinator in Digital Publishing

Anna Sullivan, a Marketing Coordinator in Digital Publishing completed the Publishing Intensive Program. Anna decided to enroll in the intensive program with Ryerson University after completing her Master of English Literature. While she enjoyed her studies, she was ready to get her career started. “I was ready for a career and hearing that I could finish the certificate in less than a year had me sold right away”, she says. She knew that even with her extensive educational background, she needed an edge when applying for jobs in the publishing industry.

The Chang School’s intensive program allowed Anna to dive into the industry right away. She was able to connect with industry professionals and was equipped with the practical knowledge and job-applicable skills for the publishing industry. “The intensive option gave me the foundation and the launching pad that I needed to start my career, and it gave me the skills, knowledge, network and confidence to succeed”, she says.

Anna held two internships shortly after the program and landed her current full-time position just one year later! During her internships, she realized how much of an advantage the intensive program gave her. “I couldn’t imagine going into my internship that I had that Fall without having that information…the fact that I had done a Publishing certificate first and it was all really fresh in my mind…all of that information really helped me when I got in the industry” she recalls. Anna was able to get more out of her internships by already having knowledge of how the industry worked as well as the various roles and departments.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to do Data Science work so quickly…it’s pretty much a dream to be honest. It’s a dream job right now. It definitely gave me the skillset to effectively do the work. It gave me the opportunity to create the work I have now” Yvette Blenman, Data Scientist 

Beating Emerging Trends

Yvette Blenman
Yvette Blenman
Data Scientist

For Data Scientist Yvette Blenman, the journey to her current career looked a little different. After already being established in her career, Yvette decided to take the plunge into a brand-new sector after seeing a gap in how information was utilized by the logistics company where she worked. She realized that it was due to the inability to “mine” for statistical data. Intrigued, she decided to explore Big Data and identified that this particular industry offered many growth opportunities and decided to search for an education that would prepare her to jump into this emerging industry.

She was attracted to the 15-week Data Analytics Fast Track program at The Chang School. “I wanted to get into the workforce with the latest skills before students from other programs would even graduate”, she says. “The Chang School helped me be ahead of the curve”. Since she had already been established in her career, making a career change into a new field meant that she needed to brush up on new skills quickly. To fully commit to this new field, Yvette quit her job to really focus on the fast track program.

What she learned from the courses enabled her to develop programs in her current position as a Data Scientist. Since there weren’t any direct resources in the field, the information and material came directly from her course notes. “I didn’t think I’d be able to do Data Science work so quickly…it’s pretty much a dream to be honest. It’s a dream job right now. It definitely gave me the skillset to effectively do the work. It gave me the opportunity to create the work I have now”, she says.

“I never thought in a million years I’d be fully employed so close to my graduation from undergrad” Brittani Schroeder, Publisher’s Representative

Finding a Job in Your Field Right After Graduation

Brittani Schroeder
Brittani Schroeder
Publisher’s Representative

Brittani Schroeder, a Publisher’s Representative, counts herself lucky for landing a full-time position in her field of study shortly after the Publishing Intensive program from The Chang School. Brittani started the intensive program in Toronto only a week and a half after graduating from Western University with an Honours degree in English Language and Literature. The intensive program was a great option for her just finishing school as she knew how competitive the industry could be. “I knew I wouldn’t get into the publishing industry without this program”, she recalls.

She began her internship at the end of the intensive program and was offered a full-time position a month later! “I never thought in a million years I’d be fully employed so close to my graduation from undergrad”, she says. The program provided Brittani internship opportunities, a new network of close friends and industry professionals, as well as the knowledge and skillset to excel in her chosen field. The connections she built were crucial to her success. Brittani excelled by being completely immersed in a program with the same individuals, learning together, sharing the same goals and being able to support one another.

The Chang School’s intensive and fast-track programs offer something for everyone. Whether you’re an industry professional wanting to enhance your current skills, or you want to dive into a brand-new field. Or, perhaps you’re a new grad ready to hatch your career. The Chang School’s intensive programs provide students the tools, practical knowledge and connections to succeed in their field, even if they have a limited period of time available. If you’re determined, focused and hardworking you will be successful!

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