Hatching Your Career: The Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Experience


Between navigating the application, recruitment, and hiring process to figuring out your job and finding your fit in the organization, there are a lot of challenging things to cope with when starting a new job. We had the chance to hear from two new grads about their experience hatching their career with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services to get their top tips on acing the application process and excelling within the workplace.

Car Enthusiast Finds His Career Fit

Nick Howard
Nick Howard
Marketing and Business Analyst, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Nick Howard is no stranger to the automotive industry.  In fact, Nick comes from a family full of professional racers! He’s grown up behind the wheel and is a huge car fan. Working at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is a dream come true for Nick, a recent graduate from Brock University’s Bachelor of Business Administration. Nick started his Mercedes-Benz Financial Services journey as a Business Analyst co-op student but he successfully leveraged the opportunity into a full-time job as a Marketing and Business Analyst.

The Hiring Process

When Nick came across a posting for a Business Analyst with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on his university’s co-op website he knew he had to apply! The process began with Nick filling out an application online and uploading his resume and cover letter. A few weeks passed, and Nick received the phone call he was waiting for — he was selected for an interview.

While the interview was a formal sit-down interview, Nick says it felt more like a conversation. “They wanted to get a feel for who you are, your characteristics, your work ethic”, Nick explains. Prior to working at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Nick didn’t have years of professional work experience. “I had done a lot of volunteer experience throughout my high school and university career”, he recalls, but his work experience was minimal or not very relevant.  Nick didn’t let that stop him. His volunteer experience coupled with his soft and hard skills were valuable talking points during the interview that made him an attractive candidate. Nick was delighted to receive an offer the following day and his Mercedes-Benz Financial Services journey began.

Nick’s Top Interview Tip“Just be natural – it’s not an interrogation.”

Finding his Fit in an International Organization

Before starting with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Nick had the opportunity to meet the team and have lunch with them, easing the first day jitters. Still, Nick was not without his reservations, “I was going into it very nervous – it’s a global organization”, he says.  Fortunately, Nick’s manager made the transition process and onboarding so seamless and welcoming that the feeling didn’t last long.

“Management has – for me anyways – gone out of their way to keep me here and make sure I’m happy”, Nick says. After his initial co-op placement was complete he had the unique opportunity to stay on and do a half and half program where 50% of his time was spent working in a new role at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and the other 50% was spent in school finishing his final year of his undergraduate degree. “They went out of their way to keep me here”, he shares.

On the Job

Even though Nick works in a role that’s not client facing, he still gets satisfaction in knowing that he is helping customers. “Through my job, I am able to provide good customer service, the data helps with marketing for products, [so] I indirectly help the customer”, Nick says. This gives him greater fulfillment in his role.

Nick has experienced many amazing moments during his time at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. However, none compares to his experience at Brand Emersion, a program designed for employees to experience the history and passion behind the iconic Mercedes-Benz company. Nick was sent to Alabama with other Mercedes-Benz Financial Services employees to “learn about the passion behind the brand”, as Nick describes it. It was a highlight in both his professional and his personal life that he won’t forget.

How to Make the Most of Your Experience

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has made such a positive impact on Nick’s life. As Nick puts it, “opportunity is everything, there’s no bad opportunity. It’s what you do with the opportunity.”

  1. “Be open to change, new innovations, and new ideas.”
  2. “Always think about the future, but don’t lose sight of the present or what the past has to teach.”
  3. “Always be open and honest when discussing your goals and where you see yourself in the company.”

Opportunity Is Everything

Anthony Stranges
Financial Analyst, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Anthony Stranges, another passionate car enthusiast, made a lasting connection with his co-op advisor that helped him land his full-time position at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.  Anthony, a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Brock University, started his career with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services as a co-op student.


Unconventional Interview Process

Anthony received an interview after he was recommended for the position of a Business Development Intern from Brock University’s career services office. During the interview Anthony says, “[the interviewer] could tell I was sincere and honest and noticed I wasn’t making anything up.” This led the interviewer to go off script, making the interview feel less formal. The shift to a more conversational experience put Anthony at ease, allowing his true self to shine through and helped him stand out from the crowd to land the job.

Not Your Average Internship

Starting as an intern and reporting directly to the CEO’s assistant, Anthony assumed he would be doing simple tasks within the organization.  That was far from the case. “The biggest thing that shocked me was the amount of trust they put in me as an intern”, Anthony explains. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is an organization that allows you to showcase your abilities and skills, by providing the flexibility and encouragement to try new tasks and take more responsibility if you wish. This allowed Anthony to feel like a valued employee from day one. With a positive mindset and hard work ethic, Anthony was able to take on more responsibility than he ever thought he would experience as an intern.

On the Job

According to Anthony, the team at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services feels more like family than work colleagues, everyone asks about each other’s weekends, and helps one another. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services hosts lunches, coffee chats, and events to really promote team bonding. The strong relationships and social interaction helps to balance the hard work everyone contributes. Anthony says one thing that impressed him about the company is, “you have to want to perform.” Everyone in the company strives to be the best version of themselves and perform their best work, everyday.

Supportive Environment

Anthony attributes his success to the support he’s received from the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services team. Anthony says, “The support from my colleagues contributed to my success within the organization.” Anthony has received a lot of support from colleagues and management within Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. “As a team we all sit together and talk about the problems that we are facing and discuss ideas on how to ultimately solve them.”, Anthony says about the biweekly stand-ups he does with his team. Between daily team check-ins, one on one meetings with his manager, and the continuous support from his colleagues, the company culture at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has set Anthony up for success.

Leaving A Lasting Impression

Anthony has left a positive impact with his colleagues and managers within the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services team. Management and teammates recommended him for full-time jobs because of his work ethic and positivity.

  1. Be positive and open.
  2. The position is what you put into it, you have to care.
  3. Ultimately people need to enjoy working with you.

Nick and Anthony were able to hatch meaningful careers in an industry where their passions lie. This is no fluke or lucky break. These recent grads left lasting impressions from the moment they interviewed with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and sustained their enthusiasm in their full-time roles that won the appreciation of their managers and colleagues and sealed their reputation as can-do team players. They continue to impress those around them with their hard work, dedication, and positive outlook. Nick and Anthony found their fit within the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services team, and so can you!

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