Youth Social Activism & #MarchForOurLives Movement


From the #MeToo movement, the Women’s March, and now March for Our Lives, young people are standing up for what they believe in and making it loud and clear they demand change. In light of recent events happening to our neighbours down south, we wanted to support and celebrate the activism and impact youth are having in standing up for change.

‘March For Our Lives’ rallies were held across Canada in support of the US movement and calling for more regulation on our own gun laws. What is so unique about the movement is that this is one of the first major marches led and organized by youth in response to the mass shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Here’s some of the content shared on Twitter over the past weekend:

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We have entered an era of political awakening among young people. So, what can you do to get involved, whether for this movement or another cause you’re passionate about?

1. Social Media & Demonstrations

Show your support online, by following and retweeting hashtags. Use social media as a tool to reach others. If you want to go even further, make an impact by taking part in demonstrations in person. There is something so powerful about masses coming together to peacefully protest. Then, use your photos and share the demonstration with others who weren’t able to attend but want to show their support.

2. Advocate for Change

Lobby your local politicians and government officials. You can write letters, hold group meetings, organize demonstrations, or call on them in social media. Increase your reach by contacting your local media to also get involved.

3. Fundraise

Like the students at Preston High School in Cambridge who raised money for the March For Our Lives movement, you can raise money for causes that you believe in. Every movement needs resources, by raising funds, you’re helping to increase exposure and supporting a cause you believe in.canadian high school

4. Educate Others

Use your voice to educate others about the cause you are supporting. Why should people care? Share your insight with others by creating groups, clubs, or inviting guest speakers, using video, tweeting – whatever outlet that will allow you to get your message out there.

5. Do Your Research & Take Action

You don’t have to create a movement from scratch to make change happen! Stay connected with people in your community, your school, student groups, and online to find out how you can get involved. Social activism doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel, most of the time, movements need support to grow and make a bigger impact. Find a cause that you’re passionate about and take action!

Here’s to celebrating Youth around the world making change and seeing what amazing impact can happen from standing up for what you believe in!