Be a Part of Something Big: Campus Recruitment Awards Student Judging Panel


It’s summer internship recruitment season, and both students and recruiters are hard at work. Students are applying to their favourite internships and networking to land a job, while recruiters are thinking of strategies on how to best promote their organizations and job opportunities, screening resumes, and interviewing candidates. Luckily, TalentEgg helps both students and recruiters alike in the job searching and recruitment process.

The Campus Recruitment Awards are no exception to how TalentEgg gives back to its community of students and recruiters. Hosted annually, the TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards evaluate student opinions on recruitment practices to determine award winners in categories such as best internship, top recruiter, and best social media strategy. I had the opportunity to be on the Student Judging Panel last year, and it was an amazing opportunity that led to so many great things.

After discovering TalentEgg in first year, I quickly became a huge fan of theirs on Twitter, engaging with all of their Tweets. When I found out about the Student Judging Panel, I was ecstatic to apply. I really wanted to have experience learning about the strategies behind campus recruitment. As a student, this is invaluable to have a glimpse into the minds of the recruiter – what they look for in an ideal candidate, and what their objectives are for their organization.

After applying directly through TalentEgg, I was contacted a few weeks later by the Content and Community Coordinator to be a judge! I received a detailed instruction package on how the judging would work. For a period of a few weeks, I would have access to the TalentEgg judging portal where I could access the campus recruitment plans from various employers in order to make my assessment. I then would comment on what I thought worked best compared to other entries.

TalentEgg is currently recruiting for a new set of judges to join the Judging Panel, so get started on your application today! If you need more convincing, here are my top five reasons why you should apply to be a judge:

  • Share Your Opinions, Because They Matter!

As a student, you know all about applying to entry level jobs! Your opinion is very valuable as you are the target audience the recruiters and TalentEgg want to attract! Not only that, but you can potentially make an organization’s early career strategy even better!

  • Learn About Awesome Internships and New Grad Jobs

Last summer I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Bell in the Consumer Markets and Media Management Intern Program. Through my involvement with the judging process at TalentEgg, I learned a lot about how this internship compared to similar internship programs across Canada and different industries. This insight really helped me make educated decisions for my career.

  • Get Recognized

I was lucky to be awarded the Top 5 Judge award from TalentEgg, which means my name was included in TalentEgg’s Campus Recruitment Guide. This guide is seen by many HR professionals all across Canada! Also at Bell, my managers and the HR team were excited to see my name included in the list!

  • Make Connections

I managed to connect with a few other student judges through LinkedIn, and I also had a video chat with Mary Barroll, President of TalentEgg, which led to my most recent role at TalentEgg as a freelance contributor! You really never know what may come out of an experience judging with TalentEgg!

  • Add Some Variety to Your Resume

I never had experience evaluating recruitment strategies, but I have a strong interest in recruitment. Being a Student Judge allowed me to explore this interest and add some variety to my marketing focused resume.

So what are you waiting for? Apply today, and join me as a Judge for the 2019 #TEAwards!

About the author

Shaan Ali Jessa is a recent marketing grad from the BBA program at the Schulich School of Business-York University. Most recently he completed internships focusing on customer experience and marketing at Bell and L'Oreal. Outside of work he's passionate about social media and blogging about careers and food. Follow him on Twitter ( or connect with him on LinkedIn (