Working With Purpose in The Insurance Industry


For many students and grads, their ideal career is not just a job or a paycheck.  More and more job seekers are searching for roles that are meaningful, that can provide purpose and fulfillment to their personal and professional lives. Sometimes this purpose isn’t immediately apparent — flashing in front of you like a bright neon sign. When you dig a little deeper into the role, the organization or industry, it’s easy to find many elements that will give your job meaning and inspiration. Not convinced? Read on below to discover how you can find purpose in the Insurance Industry and what leading organizations are doing to make an impact for their community, their company, and for their people.


More than just a job – Insurance is a people business

At the very core of the Insurance Industry, it’s all about people. Helping people and businesses get through extremely difficult times can be a very rewarding and meaningful experience for an Insurance professional. There are nine gateway entry-level roles within the Insurance industry that all help people in different ways. Whether by writing a policy for a client or investigating a claim, your underlying goal is to support your customer. Insurance is there to support people when they need it the most and to help them feel secure.


What’s important to you

A career with purpose may have a unique meaning for different individuals. The insurance industry offers something for everyone. If purpose means helping others by being an expert in your role or knowing that the work you are doing is making a positive impact, it can be found in a multitude of roles in the insurance industry.

An important part of your job search is doing your research and figuring out what you want out of the role. Maybe it’s professional development and understanding that you are always gaining new knowledge and experience. The Insurance industry fosters continued growth and development of your own personal and professional skills, along with challenging work and the ability to make an impact.


Social Responsibility

If you want to be a part of an organization that goes above and beyond to help their communities, there are many insurance companies that participate in philanthropic activities and social good. Whether by donating to local or global causes, or giving employees paid time off work to volunteer with a charity or non-profit organization, the Insurance industry is filled with leaders in corporate social responsibility. Last year, Marsh sent 500 employees across Canada to participate in the first ever Good Day Event where they supported 54 non-profit organizations. It doesn’t stop at just volunteering your time, leading insurance companies are joining movements across the country to help their communities.


Building a Better World

The insurance industry not only helps to support in times of loss, but they also help to re-build and get people and businesses back on their feet.

Industry employers help build a better world by actively supporting causes that will help Canadians. For instance, they support causes to encourage distracted free driving, reduce the risk of flood damage, and promote sustainability through programs like the IMPACT! Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership, to name a few.

The Insurance industry also played and continues to play a vital role in the Fort McMurray fires that devastated the region in 2016. Not only by helping residents and the city to deal with the financial and property loss they experienced, but also to help them rebuild for the future. By being involved in the rebuilding of Fort McMurray, insurance companies can also take a proactive approach in helping to prevent this disaster from happening again.

Whether you want to find purpose in your role, help others and the environment in using resources that the organization partners with, or volunteering your own time with a non-profit, the Insurance industry has wonderful opportunities for you. Knowing that your job has purpose and that your role, regardless of the title, is making an impact is important to being fulfilled in your personal and professional life.

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