Learning to Lead: Training and Development at Hays Canada


Today’s new grads haven spoken! When it comes to securing a new job, one important factor stands above the rest: training and development opportunities at work.

The great news is that there are now so many companies that realize the importance of helping their employees learn and grow, and provide traditional (and not-so-traditional) training opportunities for their new hires, as well as their long term employees.

A company that has proven to be a leader when it comes to training and growth on the job is Hays Canada. Read on to hear from three of their employees about how Hays is helping them excel in their careers every day.

Owen Barette
Associate Recruitment Consultant
Hays Canada

After Owen Barette graduated last spring, he started his job search the way any of us would, looking at opportunities in his desired field and submitting applications online. At the time, Owen knew he wanted to end up in a sales role, but wasn’t sure what industry he would find himself in.

When Owen heard from Hays Canada about a recruitment job opening, he decided to explore the opportunity further. While he didn’t know much about the recruitment industry, he did know a thing or two about sales, which would be immensely valuable in the role. “If you’re a good sales person, you’re going to be successful in this job because there’s a lot of relationships to be built, both on the client-side and on the candidate side,” Owen said. “You’re dealing with people every single day.”

Since day one, it’s been his job to manage the real estate business area. On a typical day, he spends time searching for candidates, meeting with candidates, conducting business development and growing his client-base, and managing his existing clients’ needs.

As a Commerce graduate, Owen had never been taught anything about recruitment in school, or real estate for that matter, so the training he received was immensely valuable to his success with the company. “In just 7 or 8 months, I feel like I’ve learned so much about the recruitment industry,” Owen told us. “That all comes from the development and training that [Hays] has invested in me.”

Owen told us that “it’s incredible the amount of effort they put into training and developing new associates.”

Looking back at his first days with the company, he recalls the thorough onboarding process – doing almost 8 hours of training a week. “Not boring training where you’re looking at a computer and listening to someone speak to you,” he noted. “We had really interactive training with role playing and everything like that,” he said.

Courtney Lee
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Hays Canada

Courtney Lee is proof that Hays Canada is a great place for young professionals to start their careers. We say this because Courtney actually started her recruitment role at Hays before she even graduated from university!

As a Senior Recruitment Consultant with Hays Canada, it’s now her job to manage Hays’ Architecture, Design, and Engineering business area. What initially attracted her to her role was that it was very people-driven, and it would mean she would have a chance to join Hays, a large company with offices all over the world.

We heard from Owen about the thorough onboarding training at Hays, but Courtney added that it certainly doesn’t stop there. “As you [progress] in your career with them, you still have constant training, but it’s more supplementary stuff that you build on,” she said.

Courtney told us that she finds that she learns best on the job, so she was happy that when she started her Hays career, she had the opportunity to jump right into her role with the help of her manager at the time. “They were a good mentor and really helped me to learn things and apply things on the job. They were right beside me pretty much the whole time,” she said. This support from her manager supplemented the formal classroom training she was also receiving.

Out of the online, in-class, and in-person learning methods at Hays, Courtney explained her favourite part: “I think the best way to learn out of all the methods that are available is trial and error. It gives you the opportunity to learn from it.”

Courtney added that starting a new job often means a lot of overthinking and analyzing what you’re being taught, so having the chance to dive in and start experiencing the job with the careful assistance of your colleagues and managers really helps.

While Courtney works amongst a team of sales and target-driven professionals, she told us the environment is actually incredibly supportive rather than competitive. At Hays, she told us that you’ll find that your team members will be extremely open to sharing ideas, talking out situations, and answering your questions.

“If you’re looking for a position where you can grow personally as well as professionally, this is a great place for you to go,” she said.

Taryn Beber
Senior Manager
Hays Canada

Taryn started her career with Hays Canada as a new grad with some sales experience under her belt. Upon evaluating her skills when job searching, she noticed that working with people was a common theme from her previous jobs – and something she was really good at.

She’d always been interested in people (and was really good at sales) so what intrigued her about Hays Canada was that she could marry the two interests by helping people find jobs but also being able to sell.

That was a few years ago, and now, Taryn works as a Senior Manager on Hays’ NONIT contract team. It’s her responsibility to manage her team of recruiters and account managers, but also aid in growing the business.

“I really love that it’s a very entrepreneurial role. Even though I’m working for a bigger company and I’m working with a big team, you kind of make your own fate,” she said. “How hard you work is really reflected in your outcome.”

From management to professionalism to attention to detail, Taryn attributes so many of the skills she’s gained in the past few years to the training Hays has provided her. No matter where you are within the company, she said that skills development and learning are things that continue at every level of the business.

“I’m still in training. I have classroom training in a couple weeks,” she told us. “It never ends – in a good way!”

When we asked Taryn why she thinks it’s important for students and new grads to learn new things at work, her answer was simple: to grow. “School teaches you so much, but being able to learn and continuously learn new things [at work] really helps you to grow, to develop, to further your career,” she said.

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