6 Friends You Must Make When You Live in Residence


Living in residence is like navigating your first expedition into the unknown territory of adulthood and thankless chores.

For example, like realizing the ceramic mountain of dishes in the sink won’t actually disappear (thanks mom), or tackling that pile of unfolded clothing slowly taking over the desk chair, and of course, remembering to nourish yourself during the in-between (and doing the dishes afterwards!).

Luckily, you’re in good company: living with other students in the same circumstances can solidify friendships and help you survive the year by examining how different individuals balance school, work, chores, and social lives in their own unique ways. Whether they realize it or not, these six prolific personalities that you need to meet in residence will help guide you through the challenging terrain of university and young adulthood –and it all starts in residence.

1. The Personal Trainer


Waking up before the crack of dawn for a run, a stretch of yoga between lectures, and finishing off the evening with an upper-body pump at the university’s gym, is considered a fulfilling day for this endorphin-chaser. Every time you bump into them on campus they’re on their way to some sweat-inducing activity, protein shake in hand, asking if you want to join in. If you’re hoping to stay in shape while avoiding the dreaded “freshman 15,” keep this person close for any fitness advice. Perhaps they’ll take you out for a spin (as in, the quad-crushing cycling class)!

2. The Nancy Nonchalance

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Procrastination is their favourite method of study. Their complacency for university schoolwork has them pulling all nighters and extending essay deadlines like it’s no big deal. You get stressed just listening to them calmly explaining how many things they have due in the next week that they “haven’t started yet, but don’t worry, I’m on it.” You barely see them in class until they casually slip into the final exam hall, asking to borrow someone’s extra pencil. Whether it’s all Hakuna Matata, or they simply don’t care about their education, it’s a good example to understand and see first-hand of what not to do to pass your university courses, without it happening to you.

3. The Overachiever


Their priorities are strictly educational, and their short-term goals include topping the Dean’s list and fulfilling their quest for knowledge. Any thought of skipping class for any trivial reason, lack of motivation or fatigue, is overridden by their desire to succeed, gnawing at them like a guilt-tripping educational FOMO. You may not join them for their Saturday night library study sesh for a test that’s two weeks away, but you can sure count on them to push you when you’re procrastinating, convincing you not to skip class, and helping you study complex material.

4. The Social Debutante

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There’s that one person that everybody knows simply because they’re everywhere all at once, socializing like it’s their job. This extravert is always up for a chat, including attending that career networking event you’d rather not go to alone. They’re hollering in the crowd and decked out in school spirit at varsity sport games, and they certainly don’t miss a floor residence party –that is, if they’re not throwing one themselves. Their connections run deep, professional and social, so perhaps one day they’ll introduce you to your future bestie, or even your first boss.

5. The Tech Master

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What do you get when you’re at a residence party that’s congregating further into your room and someone knocks beer on your laptop, wiping all your lecture notes and assignments from the local drive? A giant buzzkill, but also this individual’s new exciting new project. It certainly pays to have a friend in residence whose passion is most people’s pain, and this person is good to have around for any quick fixes and tech-related emergencies.

6. The Bestie

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You click instantly, like you’ve known each other for years. You bond over little things and open yourselves up to a deep, honest friendship, full of everything from late night Netflix friend dates in your creaky single bed, to comforting and motivating each other during the tumultuous times of midterms. Suddenly you’re doing everything together, becoming a package deal and showing up to res events and parties arm-in-arm. When university is over and you part ways, you’ll always cherish the adventures and wild experiences that made residence life one for the books.

Make the most out of your residence experience and be kind to everyone you meet along the way. A sense of belonging is the core of a positive university experience, and living in a building with hundreds of students eager to bond is the perfect recipe for friendship.