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Rogers Communications offers students and graduates a wide array of potential careers in their organization, with opportunities ranging from internships to new grad programs and more! Interested in what questions students and grads like you are asking about this egg-citing industry? Check out this week’s Office Hours!

On September 13th, we took your questions and spoke with Rogers Communications’ eggs-perts Patrice Smith and Poulomi Anand to gain some insight into this thriving industry. Over the course of the hour, we addressed your inquiries on everything from entry level positions, to what skills Rogers Communications prefer to see in candidates. If you weren’t able to attend this edition of Office Hours, we’ve provided a full transcript below!

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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Office Hours with Rogers Communications. My name is Madison and I’ll be moderating today’s Q&A!

We’re egg-cited for today’s chat! We have some very special guests joining us from the Rogers Communications team who will be answering your career questions.

Over the next 60 minutes, you can submit your questions during the live event. We’ll be answering as many as we can. Of course, we also have a list of pre-submitted questions from those of you who have registered, and we’ll be covering those as well!

Now let’s introduce our guest eggs-perts for today’s session!

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hi, my name’s Poulomi and I just completed the New Grad Program at Rogers! I work on the Small Business Brand Team and I’ve been at Rogers for just over a year now. I’m really excited to chat with all of you!

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi everyone, so happy to be chatting with you today! My name is Patrice Smith and I am a Campus Specialist at Rogers. I have been with Rogers for almost 7 years now and have moved through a number of different roles. I love working here and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you today.

Great – Let’s begin!

Emma, a Communications major at Ryerson University
Are there any entry level positions for grads interested in policy and/or communications?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Emma! Great question. We have a dynamic New Grad Leadership Development Program. There are opportunities across our lines of business so we would encourage you to check them out by visiting our site and Employer Page!

Joseph, an Accounting major at the University of Waterloo
What is the number one trait Rogers looks for in candidates, and do you have any examples of how candidates have demonstrated this trait?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Joseph – there isn’t one specific trait that we look for. We are always in search of top talent and skills and experience that support our values. You can learn more about them here!

Comment from Oliver
What entry level positions does Rogers offer outside of the Graduate Leadership Development Program?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Oliver! Great q! We are always looking for people to join our Contact Centre or Retail front-line. There are also entry-level positions available across our other business units, from Media to Consumer to Enterprise. You can find them all by visiting our main career site,!

Khalid, an Electrical and Computer Engineering major
When it comes to project management, what skill sets does Rogers look for in new hires?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Khalid! Thanks for your question. Aside from technical skills and education, we look for people who can take initiative, ownership of the what and the how, and can work together with others to get the job done.

Kinjal, a Marketing major at Centennial College
What skills do you search for while recruiting?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Kinjal, Thank you for your question. We look for two things. 1) The skills that match the qualifications for the role, and 2) a culture fit for the organization. First, it’s encouraged when applying for a position that you review the skills and experience the employer is looking for and tailor your resume to highlight how your experience, education and skills best speak to what is required. Recruitment is focused on competencies. Does your employment history show you have the experience that demonstrates that you would be the right individual to obtain the role you are hiring for? Do you have the technical skills required for the role? Second, we look beyond skill set and criteria. We want to know how you work. Are you innovative? Do you collaborate well with others? Are you willing to work hard to achieve your goal? – We look for people who share our beliefs and exhibit our values.

Nana, a Pharmacology major at the University of Toronto
Are there career opportunities for students without backgrounds in business or media/communications?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Nana. Yes, absolutely! We recruit new grads with many different academic backgrounds and look at other things like your extracurricular experience, overall culture fit, etc.

Ali, a Finance major at the University of Guelph
Are there opportunities for career growth within Rogers?

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hi Ali! There are tons of growth opportunities at Rogers. Whether it is shifting teams, trying new roles or growing within the same role, your managers and mentors are all very involved in your development and will support you at each stage of your career. We believe in something called internal mobility – which is providing opportunity to our internal employees first, focusing on growth, development, and exposure to new work and new people. At Rogers, all employees create yearly performance objectives, listing out short and long term goals. As well, each employee builds a development plan together with their manager, to help guide them along their career path. Together, these plans serve as a guide to help you recognize your opportunities and areas of improvement throughout the year and beyond.

Are you a current student? Learn more about how you can start your career with Rogers Communications here!

Boheira, a Finance major at Ryerson University
What opportunities are available for internships?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Boheira! We offer the Rogers co-op program we hire both co-op and intern students 3 times per year for a 4-month duration. Longer terms can be negotiated and you can find out more about our Student & New Graduate programs here.

Comment From Najeeb
How easy or difficult is it to move around in Rogers between different functions. Can someone working in the Networks side move towards the Marketing side?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Najeeb. There is a lot of opportunity to grow your career at Rogers. We strongly believe in career growth and professional development and have invested in programs to help empower our employees to build meaningful careers.

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hi Najeeb! I also wanted to add that the New Grad Leadership Development Program is a cross-functional rotational program that allows you to work in different business units. This helps you gain tons of experience and transferable skills within your first year at Rogers!

Noha, a Commerce major at University of Calgary
Is there a way to be involved in the media side of Rogers without having studied media in university?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Noha! There sure is, however you will still need to meet the minimum requirements of the role. With no media education, if there is a specialization or requirement for the role, you will need to demonstrate your capability through learned experience. Rogers also offers the M-School program. M-School is a media/publishing internship program. It starts in May each year for summer employment. The great part about M-School is that you are provided with real-world industry experience that enhances classroom learning. The fast-paced, one-of-a-kind program focuses on three M’s: Magazine content, Multimedia, and Multiplatform. You can find out more about it here.

Comment from Marcus
Patrice and Poulomi, what is your favourite thing about working at Rogers Communications?

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hi Marcus! Great question – my favourite part about working at Rogers is definitely the people. You get to work with, meet and develop relationships with such smart, talented and caring people and it really makes it easy to come into work everyday. We have a very open, collaborative and fun environment! BONUS: we own the Blue Jays – love working for a company that owns my favourite Baseball team!

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Marcus! I love the growth opportunity that I have been given. I started out in the call centre, then Recruitment and now i am part of the Campus team. So I have had the pleasure to see different sides of the business. There’s a lot of on-the-job learning and great development opportunities. And I love the people I work with!

Comment from Natalie,
I graduated from university more than a year ago, can I still apply to new grad opportunities?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Natalie! The NGLDP is open to those who have graduated within a year of participating, however, we are always hiring. Take a look at and sign up for job alerts to keep up to date with jobs that match your skills and interest.

Erika, a Management major at Carleton University
When will the next pool of jobs available in the digital area open for new grads?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Happy you asked Erika! Our New Graduate Leadership Development program roles are live on now, in the Student & New Grad category. We are hiring for those who have graduated/will complete their required courses between June 1st, 2017 – June 29th, 2018. Positions were posted as on September 1st and the application deadline is October 9th. For Digital specifically, please visit the Digital and Digital IT jobs posted here.

Sanket, a student at Lambton College
What experiences or keywords do recruiters look for on a resume?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Sanket. Our recruiters look for specific criteria related to the qualifications of the role. Competencies, technical skills, and relevant experience are important. As well, we want to know who you are! Your resume tells a story about how you spend your time, the decisions you’ve made, and where your passions lie. It’s a recruiter’s job to assess what resume story or presentation would be best suited for the department you are applying to.

We’ve reached the halfway point in our chat! This seems like a great time for a poll question.

What are you most excited to learn about today?

  • Hiring and applications (25%)
  • Student and new graduate opportunities (50%)
  • Career growth (15%)
  • Rogers culture (10%)

Comment From Farookh
Does Rogers host any conferences which I can attend to network with people working at Rogers?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Farookh, we hosted three industry nights this week at our downtown Toronto and Brampton campuses. These are open to students and new grads and are posted on our TalentEgg profile and on You can follow us at @RogersCareers on Twitter to learn more about any upcoming open house events. Hope to see you soon!

Prabhjot, a student at the University of Toronto
Does Rogers support new grads looking to gain their CPA designation?”

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Prabhjot. We do! Rogers offers the CPA Approved Training Office. This Three-year rotational program offers the necessary structure you need to complete the CPA hours and allow you to gain the necessary experience. Please find out more details here!

Karmane, a Management major at Sorbonne University
What are some of the perks to working in communications/media industry?

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hi Karmane! This industry is very fast-paced, exciting and always keeps you on your toes. You get to experience new things and learn very quickly – it’s never a dull moment!

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Karmane, the perks of working in this industry are endless. There’s always something new happening, and it definitely keeps you on your toes, no matter what part of the business you work in. We own many incredible brands, from Chatelaine and Maclean’s to Sportsnet so as you can imagine there’s always a buzz in the air! We also get the inside scoop on the latest technology and of course, discounts off of our products and services doesn’t hurt. 🙂

Sagar, an Engineering major at Dalhousie University
Is prior experience necessary to be considered for a position at Rogers?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Sagar, thanks for the question. Understanding that you are a new graduate and knowing you may not have the experience required to obtain a corporate role, we have created the New Grad Leadership Development Program. This program gives you an opportunity to prove your skills and demonstrate how your classroom knowledge relates to the business world. Being hired into this program provides you with a full – permanent position, monthly workshops for skill development and a cross functional rotational experience. You can find out more about the program here!

Aranya, a Science major at Western University
What transferable skills does one gain working in the telecommunications industry?

Comment From Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hi Aranya! The telecommunications industry is a highly competitive industry where decisions need to be made quickly, directions change constantly and quick reactions to industry and competitive trends are needed. In this environment, you learn to be flexible, agile and able to react to constant changes. These are all skills that can help in any industry and role, but will definitely be useful and quickly learned in telecom.

Manpreet, a student at Lambton College
What are the requirements for a co-op at Rogers?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Manpreet! You must be registered in an accredited co-op program with your school and must be able to complete the required 4-month work term. Learn more about the program at!

Alex, a Marketing major from Ryerson University
How did you get your career started at Rogers?

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hey Alex – I started my career at Rogers last year through the New Grad Leadership Development Program! It really helped me have a smooth transition into my full-time role as a Brand Specialist on the Small Business Brand Team.

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Alex, I started in the call centre as a customer service representative while I was in college. I was on the phone daily with our valued customers answering questions about their billing concerns and inquiries. Through that experience I developed my communications skills and I enjoyed it a lot. I loved that I had a chance to develop and grow during that experience.

Rogers Communications also offers programs for recent graduates looking to gain leadership skills and a sense of the industry, check out these eggs-ceptional opportunities here!

Shaan, a Strategy and Marketing major at The Schulich School of Business
What is one thing new hires need to succeed in their roles?

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hey Shaan! As a new hire, bring your excitement, energy, and eagerness to learn every day. Be open to feedback, open to change, ask questions, and get involved. As a new hire, this is your time to absorb all of the information and experience that you can in order to succeed and add value to your teams. No one will just give you more responsibility you must take the initiative and show that you can handle it. The best way to do this, is to know your strengths and play to them. What are you simply awesome at doing? What really gets you excited? If you can combine your strengths with your passions and add value to your team all at the same time, you’ll be just fine! Don’t not shy away from great opportunities get involved and show your value.

Fiona, an Accounting and Finance major at Ryerson University
What is the culture at Rogers like?

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hi Fiona! Rogers is an innovative and collaborative place to work. It’s a culture of idea sharing and working together. Our workspace supports this perfectly. We work in an environment called ‘Sharespace’ which is an open-concept office environment, without cubicles or assigned desks. This openness and workspace flexibility makes it easy to collaborate between colleagues and different teams and creates a very engaging culture.

Zipporah, an Industrial Relations major at McGill University
In your opinion, which majors tend to fare better in telecommunications?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Zipporah. We have over 26,000 people in our organization. It’s safe to say that we need talented and passionate people from all educational focuses. The telecom field is broad and a mixture of skills and experience is welcomed.

Noman, a student at the University of Guelph
What kind of programs does Rogers have for accounting graduates?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Noman! Rogers offers the CPA Approved Training Office. This three-year rotational program provides graduates with an opportunity to gain the practical experience required by CPA Ontario while you affirm key skills. During your time in the program, you will be immersed in diverse on-the-job learning, assigned a counseling member for support throughout your duration in the program. You are also provided with exam preparation courses and are partnered with a CFE mentor who will help guide you through the study process. We also support exam fees and preparation costs to allow you to focus on what matters: achieving your long-term career goals with us.

Comment From Olivia
What does an interview process for the New Graduate Leadership Development Program look like?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Olivia! Our interview process for the program is pretty simple – it starts with a phone interview with one of our recruiters and then a face-to-face (or Skype!) with the hiring manager. It typically takes about 4-6 weeks.

Comment From Erika
What are the skills and experience that are considered the most important for people that work in the call center- entry level position?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Erika! Our Contact Centre team is full of outgoing, customer-focused people who are eager to make a difference. They know how to connect with customers over a variety of platforms (phone, chat, etc.) and go above and beyond to find solutions. If you’re energetic, empathetic, and excited by a challenge, it’s a great place to start your career.

Comment From Yana
What kind of internal employee events go on at Rogers? How do teams connect on the job?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Yana! Great question. We are a national company with offices from coast-to-coast so there are always events happening at local campuses. We are based out of our HQ in Toronto and there are always lobby launches, meet and greet events and other incredible things happening at a company and individual team level (shout out to those potluck lunches!). For example, our Inclusion & Diversity teams host a lot of great events, like film screenings, panel discussions, etc.

Charlene, an Accounting major from McGill University
Is there an acceptable way for new hires to share their ideas with supervisors at Rogers?

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Hi Charlene! New ideas are always welcome whether you are a new hire or have been with the company for many years. Never shy away from speaking up and changing the status quo!

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hi Charlene, just to follow up with Poulomi’s awesome point – company-wide, we have an incredible internal social networking site where people from across the company are encouraged to have discussion, share ideas, and work through solutions to help drive our company forward. We are an incredibly collaborative organization and that means that new ideas or ways of working are encouraged at all levels!

Looks like we have time for one last question!

Lola, an Engineering student at the University of Toronto
What do recruiters value more, skill level or experience (such as internships)?

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
Hey Lola, our recruitment team looks for a balance of both. 🙂

That’s all the time we have for today! Thanks everyone for your egg-cellent questions.

We’ve covered a ton of ground today – hopefully you’ve all taken away some useful information about hatching your career with Rogers!

A very special thanks to our guests today – the past hour just flew by! Do you have any final advice to give our students and grads?

Poulomi Anand, New Grad at Rogers
Thanks everyone for your amazing questions – I had a great time chatting with all of you and I hope to see you part of the Rogers family one day! Good luck with this new and exciting chapter of your careers!

Patrice, Campus Specialist at Rogers
This was great! We are so happy that we had a chance to connect with you. I know we weren’t able to get to all of your questions today but we appreciate your participation and showing interest. Our New Grad Leadership Development program positions are now posted on We look forward to your application and hope to have you as part of the team! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @RogersCareers!

If you’re looking for more info on Rogers Communications, be sure to explore their Employer Page on TalentEgg. You’ll find job postings, articles, and more!

Thanks again for joining us, TalentEgg-ers. Have an egg-cellent day!