Growth, Challenge, and Recognition: How Insurance Fits Your Career Needs


When it comes to searching for your first career-launching job, it’s no secret that there are a few boxes you’re looking to check before accepting an offer.

While we’re not saying you should be holding out JUST for nap pods or unlimited vacation days at your first internship or full time job, we know there are important things like growth opportunities, employee recognition, and professional development that make some jobs stand out over others.

It may come as a surprise, but the Insurance industry is one filled with an abundance of roles, opportunities, and learning experiences that many students and new grads don’t even know about. With the help of our friends at Career Connections, we’ve narrowed down some major perks of working in Insurance:

Learning and Development

Starting a career in the Insurance industry means constant growth – personally and professionally! One of the most exciting things about Insurance is that the norm in the industry is to provide development opportunities to help you to advance your career. Whether it’s traditional training or having the chance to dive into an exciting new project and learning along the way, the exposure you’ll get as a student or new grad is sure to set you up for professional success.

When working in Insurance, your learning definitely doesn’t stop when you graduate from college or university. You’ll be able to constantly evolve your knowledge base by working towards professional certifications like your CIP designation while on the job.

On a personal level, you’ll find this to be a particularly rewarding industry. Why? Your job is managing risk, preventing loss, and helping people protect the things they often value the most. As an Insurance professional, not only are you given opportunities to build your skills and grow professionally, you’re also helping people by supporting them in their times of need and making them feel secure.


Insurance isn’t just a job , it’s the third pillar of the financial services sector and is one of Canada’s most respected professional communities. Whether you’re a Claims Adjuster, Underwriter, Broker, Actuary, or Risk Manager, professionals in all areas of Insurance make decisions that impact businesses, individuals, and communities.

The opportunities for advancement and growth are plentiful, and there’s no lack of ways for you to set yourself apart and get recognized as a strong contributor to your organization and the industry. In entry-level Insurance roles, you’ll work closely with your manager and other professionals within the company to develop a strong understanding of your role and responsibilities, while also exploring what else the industry has to offer. There are even some awesome new grad training programs and internships for you to get your foot in the door and start developing meaningful relationships with management very early on in your professional career! Check out this new grad’s story about how his manager helped him apply his skills to explore Insurance and find his perfect fit in the industry.

Challenging Work

Working in the Insurance industry presents exciting new challenges every day, as your job varies depending on client needs and the role you are in.

While one day you might be analyzing statistical data in order to evaluate risk, another day you may be creating financial models or preparing presentations for clients. You’ll find that as you progress your Insurance career, no two days are really ever the same. Because the industry is constantly evolving with the global economy and society, there’s always something new to take on or get involved in.

Something a lot of students and new grads don’t know is that there’s a place for all educational backgrounds in the Insurance industry. If you’re a creative type with a Marketing degree, you’d thrive as a Marketing Representative developing business development strategies and building client relationships. Grads with superior people skills would excel in a Claims Adjuster role, where you’d manage everything from coordinating required services after perils like an accident, fire, or theft, to investigating who is liable for a risk becoming a reality.

Check out how this Criminology grad found a fulfilling career in claims!

Diversity and Choice

Just as there are so many different types of Insurance, there are different types of employers and roles that will help you launch a meaningful career. From small agencies to big firms, creative to mathematical roles, and no shortage of interesting people and stories you’ll encounter every day, it’s clear the Insurance industry really does has something to offer everyone. Now all you have to do is find your place in it!

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