Driving Your Career Forward: Training and Growth Opportunities at Reynolds and Reynolds


For students and new grads looking to accelerate their careers, Reynolds and Reynolds is a top choice.

Working at Reynolds means the chance to participate in exciting projects and work with empowering teams. It also means access to constant learning and professional growth that can prepare you for success.

We spoke with a Reynolds recruiter who shared some insider information on the hiring and training processes at Reynolds. We also spoke with two new grad employees who shared how their training and work experiences at Reynolds have helped them launch rewarding careers with the company!

The Inside Scoop from a Reynolds Recruiter

Matt Glenn
Corporate Recruiter
Reynolds and Reynolds

While Matt Glenn is a corporate recruiter for Reynolds now, he started his career with the company five years ago in an inside sales role in the company’s Business Development Centre. Matt loves interacting with people, and as a recruiter, he gets satisfaction seeing candidates through the hiring and onboarding process.

Matt knows new grads won’t have a lot of work experience, so when screening resumes, he looks at part-time jobs held in school (working your way through school shows a strong work ethic – which is key!). He also looks at any involvement in clubs or on teams. It’s an added benefit if this experience is relevant to the role you’re applying for at Reynolds.

Once you have been hired, Matt says there are tons of workshops offered at Reynolds to help you accelerate your career. From sales-specific skills to details on company operations, the classes you will take at Reynolds will vary, depending on what area of the business you’re in and what you want to learn.

Throughout your career with Reynolds, you also will have access to e-learning options, including an online collection of courses that cover everything from company policies to new software.

On the job, you’ll typically be paired with a more senior employee who will mentor you, help you get a feel for your role, and teach you how to effectively complete your daily tasks. In many cases, new hires shadow senior employees at first and then are able to take on the job themselves with their mentor’s support. “The mentor is carefully selected by management as someone who’s going to be very beneficial for a new hire to sit with and learn the process from,” he said.

Did you know? The company has an internal training centre in Dayton, Ohio. If you’re in a customer-facing role, such as sales, you’ll likely spend time there attending workshops, getting to know the software, and role playing in the mock dealership!

“We want to set you up to succeed,” Matt said of the numerous training options at Reynolds. “You’re usually not expected to jump right into a position. We want you to feel comfortable as you’re developing knowledge of our products and gaining the skills you need to do your job.”

Guidance Along the Way

Sydney Ly
Software Implementation Specialist
Reynolds and Reynolds

Sydney Ly has always had a passion for travel – which is really what attracted to her role at Reynolds and Reynolds. After going on an exchange to the Netherlands while she was a student, she knew she wanted a career that would allow her to meet new people and try new things. “I’m not someone to just sit behind a desk 9-5 and do the same mundane thing every single day. Being able to be out, always doing something different, somewhere new, meeting new people, that was something I was really, really interested in,” she said.

As a software implementation specialist, Sydney travels to client sites (car dealerships) to help dealership employees learn Reynolds’ proprietary software.

When Sydney first started working at Reynolds, she spent her first couple of weeks at the Mississauga office developing an understanding of the software and the job itself. After that, she attended training sessions for several weeks in Dayton, Ohio. There, she learned more about the software and other things such as technical support, professional writing, and how to engage with customers. She also participated in mock software installation scenarios to get hands-on experience of what her job would entail.

“I’m travelling and I’m getting paid to do the training, which is something I really enjoy,” she said. “I love that every day is different. I love that there’s always new challenges – it’s never the same thing,” she said.

Sydney also received some training through e-learning courses, which provided her with a strong foundational understanding of the company and its products. “I’m a very hands-on learner,” she told us. “Once I started working on my own, I was still able to reference back to some of the key points I learned in the e-learning courses.”

She spent her first few months on the job shadowing, observing, and helping her supervisor answer questions. Then, she started training clients alongside her supervisor, and finally she took over software implementation with a supervisor close by. “It’s kind of like baby steps – they guide you very much along the way,” she noted.

Because she’s a hands-on learner, Sydney found the on-the-job training to be the most effective in her professional development. “That’s when all of the pieces really came together for me,” she told us. When she first started, she remembers feeling overwhelmed by the software and the complex answers her mentor seemed to be providing clients. “Not even a year into the job now, and I’m confident being out on my own. I’m helping to train new team members, and I’m starting to learn other parts of the software to really expand on my knowledge of the company’s products.”

“In a short amount of time, you’re able to feel confident you know what you’re doing and you’re able to do it on your own,” said Sydney.

What are the top skills Sydney’s developed at Reynolds?

Independence: In the past, she’s held jobs and co-ops where she was working closely with her manager and didn’t have the freedom to make many decisions on her own. As a software implementation specialist, you have to be comfortable making decisions. “You have to really believe in yourself,” she said.

Quick thinking skills: Sydney works with all types of personalities every day and often faces people who are hesitant to learn new things. She’s adapted by developing her quick-thinking skills to help her deal more effectively with tricky situations.

She added: “Our team is always there for each other. You’re never really by yourself because if you ever run into a problem, there’s always someone you can contact for help.”

Always Something New to Learn

Michael Noble Green
Account Manager Trainee
Reynolds and Reynolds

When Michael graduated from university, he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do. He spent some time browsing websites for exciting career opportunities, and he first stumbled upon the posting for his account manager trainee position on his school’s career portal. It wasn’t until he saw the same position posted on TalentEgg that he decided to do more research. “What initially piqued my interest was the training that goes into the positions,” he said. “I looked around online and found out there’s a lot of training opportunities at Reynolds and the company invests in its employees to be successful.”

Michael spent the first year of his job learning the Reynolds software and installing it at dealerships, as well as teaching and providing support to dealership employees on how to use the software in their roles. Now, his job is more focused on the sales side of the business.

On a typical day, Michael might attend meetings with account managers at dealerships so he can gain experience with different types of client meetings that happen during the sales cycle. “There’s no better way to learn about what you’re going to be doing than to see it,” he said.

His new sales-focused role also includes several weeks at Reynolds’ training centre in Dayton, Ohio. During that time, Michael will attend a number of different workshops to practice his sales skills.

Being able to meet new people and apply the skills he’s learned in workshops are what Michael likes most about his role. “You can never be too good at it – you can always get better,” he said. “There’s always something you can learn, always something you can practice.”

When trainees at Reynolds aren’t working in a dealership, they’re encouraged to utilize the e-learning courses. “You can go at your own pace and rewind if you need to,” Michael said. “With all the class options available at Reynolds, I think I’d be easier to find what topics aren’t covered.”

When we spoke to Michael, he recalled a learning opportunity that really stood out. He explained how he sat in on a meeting between a Reynolds account manager and a dealership client. “Seeing the exact skills I learned in my training classes being used with a client in person was really, really cool,” he said. “The skills we’re learning in class are actually being used, and people are being successful when using them properly.”

Michael shares a couple of the valuable skills he’s learned at Reynolds:

People skills: “One thing Reynolds focuses on is active listening. As opposed to just listening to respond, you’re listening to really hear people.” Active listening can help you improve your understanding of the client’s problem and get to a mutually beneficial solution faster.
Time management: “There are many times when you’re very busy and have multiple people asking you to do something. Proper time management helps you get those things done.”

“They want you to be better, week in and week out,” Michael said of the company. “With respect to growth, everyone wants everyone else to do well.”

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