Beyond Construction: What a Career at EllisDon Means for You


For students and new grads, your growth as a professional is an integral part of your first job. That’s why it’s so important to find your fit within an organization that will broaden your expertise and outlook as you explore your career.

Students and new grads will find that starting a career with EllisDon provides them with exactly that. With career opportunities on site as well as in 12 diverse areas of business, it’s clear that this is not just a construction company. When EllisDon takes on a project, they’re committed to its success from Cradle-to-Grave with service offerings that manage every detail of even the biggest projects.

If you’re a self-starter looking to hatch your career with an innovative, globally-recognized company – EllisDon is a top choice. Take a look below at some of the unique areas of business and career paths you can explore at their organization and who knows, you might just stumble upon your dream job!

• Aligned
• Capital Services
• Construction Sciences
• Facilities Services
• Furniture, Equipment, and Design
• Gate Three
• Managed Services
• MEiT
• Project Management
• Sustainable Building Services
• Virtual Design and Construction

Getting Started

We all know that starting a project can often be the toughest part. Now, think about what that must be like for a major, multi-million dollar construction project like the Art Gallery of Ontario or the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

There’s a lot of work that goes into a project before construction even begins. From inception to fruition, EllisDon offers their clients an array of services that take care of everything from project financing, to development and design management, and providing constructability and facilities management input into a structure’s design.

Capital Services: When projects require private financing or investments, that’s where the EllisDon Capital team comes in. Leading multi-disciplinary design, construction, operations, and maintenance teams to pursue complex projects that require special funding is their specialty! Once a project moves into the delivery phase, the Capital Services team continues to manage client relationships and ensures that the construction and facilities services partners are able to deliver projects on time, on budget, and that the client’s needs are always being met.

If you have a finance or engineering background and enjoy being in a client facing role, you’d excel in this division! Learn more here.

Construction Sciences: EllisDon’s Construction Sciences division is actually comprised of four key departments working closely together: Technical Services, Quality Assurance, Constructability and Logistics, and Construction Engineering Services.

For example, the Construction Sciences team at EllisDon worked with Frank Gehry’s AGO designs for months of pre-planning in order to turn his vision for the structure into reality. Some of this project included never-before-designed elements like the glass and wood promenade on Dundas Street West, and the curved wooden staircase where no two pieces of wood could be the same! Want to learn more? Click here!


If you’re an expert planner with strong analytical and organizational skills, you’d thrive in one of these positions:
• Internships: Quality Assurance Intern, Logistics Intern, Engineering Intern

• Full time: Drafter, Designer, Site Logistics Planner, Construction Engineer

Construction and Beyond

Construction is at the core of everything EllisDon does, so of course there are plenty of roles in this project phase! Below, you can learn about the different departments that play a key role in taking a project through the construction phase – and beyond. If you’re a hard worker who loves a challenge, consider hatching your career in one of these diverse and exciting divisions.

Facilities Services: If you’re a team player with strong communication skills, you’d enjoy a Facilities Services position at EllisDon. Facilities Services works with the design and construction teams to make sure a facility’s operations and management needs are optimized for cost and performance. You’ll be involved in a project from beginning to end – ensuring that the clients’ operating requirements and long-term needs for a facility are implemented in the design and operations. You can learn more here!

Furniture, Equipment, and Design: This division is EllisDon’s in-house solution for providing furniture and equipment. Wondering what that includes? Well, just about everything from design, procurement, transition management, and capital asset planning. This division optimizes, plans, manages, and procures furniture and equipment for projects in every sector! As a member of this team, you’ll get involved from the design phase, through construction, and beyond completion. Want to know how? Click here.

Oakville Trafalgar

Information Communication, Automation, and Technology: EllisDon’s ICAT team is a leader in the design and installation of intelligent buildings. If you’re interested in Engineering or Information Technology – this where you’ll find your fit at EllisDon! To learn more about managing the operations of smart building systems like data monitoring, energy management, and security management, click here.

Managed Services: EllisDon’s Managed Services department is made up of a dedicated team of building and energy specialists that provide property owners with ongoing operations support throughout the lifetime of the building. These services include things like video surveillance, retail support, and energy optimization. Learn more here.


Mechanical, Electrical, and IT: As a member of the MEiT division, you’d play an important role in EllisDon’s core planning and construction team. This team gets involved in projects early on to provide cost and time saving expertise. You’ve got to be detail-oriented in this department – the MEiT team coordinates every intricate mechanical, electrical, and network detail to ensure smooth execution and facility performance. Click here to learn more.


Project Management: On projects, EllisDon is not building, they work on behalf of the Client to manage the contractor. The Project Management division provides leadership and direction for clients through the various phases of development from planning and design to commissioning and close-out.  They also help with strategic capital planning, feasibility and options analysis, business case preparation, procurement, funding, and bid analysis. Want to learn more? Click here.

Sustainable Building and Green Development: Are you passionate about the environment and sustainability? By joining the team at EllisDon, it will be your responsibility to provide sustainability consulting on many of EllisDon’s projects across Canada and internationally. Click here to learn more about their latest initiatives and partnerships and see how you can get involved.

Virtual Design and Construction: If you’re tech-savvy and creative, you’d probably love working in this division of EllisDon! Using 3D technologies, this team develops designs and models to aid in every phase of construction by digitally engineering projects at their design stages. Throughout the department, an array of technology is used to proactively mitigate project risk, expedite coordination, and provide better transparency to clients. For more details, click here.

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Whether you aspire to become a Project Manager or Superintendent on-site, or if you see yourself being part of one of the above areas of business; EllisDon has something for everyone with a passion for construction and building services. If you’re looking to start your career at an organization where you can make an impact and play a key role as a member of an internationally-recognized team, look no further than EllisDon. From Engineering to Project Management to Design, there’s opportunity for everyone to make a contribution to something big.

Ready to start your career with EllisDon? Explore their opportunities for students and new grads here.