A Student and New Grad’s Guide to Landing a Job at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services


Job hunting as a student or new grad is an especially important milestone in life. Not only will the position you end up in be a crucial first step into the working world, it will ideally be an opportunity where you can learn, grow, and discover your specialties within your industry.

When you’re looking for internship and entry-level roles, it’s important to find a position where you’ll be supported and valued. We’ve already told you about Mercedes-Benz Financial Services’ amazing internship opportunities and supportive company culture, so now it’s time for you to submit your applications and successfully land a job there!

With the help of a key member of the MBFS Human Resources and Training team, we’ve rounded up some tips that will help you wow their recruiters with your application and interview.

Creating a Winning Application

Akilah Carr
HR Recruitment & Training Specialist
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

If you’re looking for advice on how to land a job at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Akilah Carr is the person to ask. As a Recruitment & Training Specialist, it’s her responsibility to hire top talent to join the MBFS team, manage the company’s internship program, and plan and schedule company-wide training sessions and programs. She loves what she does because she’s able to connect students and new grads like you with the first step towards their career goals. “For me, [that’s] the one piece that makes me really happy when I go home,” she says.

To create a winning application for a MBFS position, it really starts with how you present yourself. Recruiters understand that you may not have a lot of work experience as a student or recent grad, so focus on your transferable skills. “That’s where the internships come in!” Akilah tells us.

Because the Mercedes-Benz team is very focused on customer experience, Akilah says you should definitely highlight any customer-oriented work or volunteer experiences you have. While you may not have worked for a finance or automotive company, the experience you have gained in that role might have prepared you for a position at MBFS.

“For students, it’s a lot about their attitude, their drive, how results-driven they seem to be, and how much initiative they’ve taken – either in a volunteer capacity or in projects with school,” Akilah says.

Acing the Interview

While it may seem like the most nerve-wracking part of the job hunt, the interview phase is what helps recruiters like Akilah get to know how you would fit within their organization. The questions you’re asked during an interview aren’t intended to stress you out – your responses give interviewers a better idea of who you are and how you think. “I want to know their thought processes because that helps us to understand if they could potentially do the tasks that might be asked of them if they’re [hired],” she says.

Preparing for a MBFS interview? This is what you can expect:
• Typically interviews are conducted by a panel of two. They’ll ask you about your background in terms of education, work experience, and your future goals.
• You can expect some behavioural questions – Akilah and her team want to know how you’d respond to certain situations on the job.
• The interview will take about 30 to 40 minutes. At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the recruiters any questions you may have (which is encouraged!)
• Within about two weeks, you’ll hear back. If you got the job – congrats! If not, the team will let you know and encourage you to re-apply for other positions in the future.

“This is your one opportunity to really shine so make the most of it – make sure you’re prepared,” Akilah says. She suggests that before the interview, students and grads plan out their star stories – things you’re extremely proud of that you’ve accomplished over the last couple years that you feel would demonstrate just how much of a fit you are for the organization. “If they keep that at the top of their mind when they’re interviewing, they’ll come across genuine, authentic, and a strong candidate,” she adds.

Remember these dos and don’ts before your next interview:
Do dress for success – your first impression is essential
Don’t be late – things happen, but at the end of the day, it’s not professional
Do review your resume so you can speak to it without looking down at it
Don’t forget to research the company
Do maintain eye contact
Don’t come ill-prepared – think of at least one question for the end so the interviewers can see that you’re truly interested in the role

A Future with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

“I appreciate when students or grads come here with questions,” Akilah tells us. “It shows me that they are really not just interested in getting an internship, they’re interested in the company.”

If you’re serious about starting a career with MBFS, make sure to prepare a few questions about the organization, typical growth opportunities within the company, and the corporate culture. “It’s not just about getting an internship – it’s about growing with the organization,” she says.

After a successful internship term with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, it’s quite possible that your contract will either get extended or you’ll move on to another placement within the company. Quite a few interns at MBFS have been successful in securing full-time employment with the organization!

“If you want to start your career with a company that will take great interest in your growth professionally, then you’ve come to right place,” says Akilah.

Want to learn more about careers at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services? Check out their Employer Page here!