Students and Insurance – How Insurance Intertwines with Student Life


While Insurance may not be on your mind right now, it plays a very important role in keeping our lives safe.

In case things go wrong, we know that Insurance professionals will be there to help us through the process and get us back on our feet. They work hard everyday to make sure that their clients can focus on their daily lives and not have to worry about the risks they’re facing.

These clients include students like you who are heading to university or college for the first time this year. Though it’s likely that Insurance is not on the top of your to-do list, it’s vital to making sure your first year goes along smoothly and safely. Not sure what we’re talking about? We’re here to explain!

Auto Insurance

Driving a car is a great way to get to and from campus, especially if you’ve decided to live off-campus or commute. By law, it’s required that drivers are insured – so you should consider whether it’s advisable to get auto insurance under your own name.

This may seem daunting at first, but Insurance professionals are here to help. You can connect with an Insurance broker in-person, over the phone or even online to find out more about auto insurance. They’re dedicated supporting you so you can understand all of your options and find a plan that properly protects you.

Renter’s Insurance

Will you be living off-campus, possibly in an apartment or house? In that case, you’re likely going to need renter’s insurance – insurance for tenants living in a rented property. Renter’s insurance can cover things like the cost to get your personal belongings replaced in case they are destroyed in a fire and the bill for your defense in case you are sued.

Renter’s insurance is another topic that often needs clarification. What type of renter’s insurance do you need? If you’re not the only tenant, do all tenants need to get their own renter’s insurance or can they share one with each other? These and other questions can easily be answered by an Insurance professional who is passionate about making sure you’re covered.

Insurance: A Core Part of Life and a Great Industry to Egg-cel in Your Career

Even to students like yourself, Insurance is incredibly relevant. It functions as a core part of our lives, albeit in the background, ensuring that we have the support of Insurance professionals when disaster strikes. There is a whole community of Insurance professionals who are working behind-the-scenes of our lives to make sure that we’re able to recover from bad situations like accidents or fires and focus instead on finishing our degrees and building successful careers.

In fact, that’s why many students and new grads choose to work in Insurance – it’s an industry that deeply cares about people and seeks to do what it can to protect them from risk. Whether you’re more comfortable working with numbers, people or graphics, there’s definitely a role where you can be part of an industry that works to keep people safe.

We’ve outlined four roles in Insurance that work hard to help students stay safe throughout their time in post-secondary education and beyond!

The Marketing Representative

Do you love translating information into easy-to-understand language, images and graphics? Are you skilled at breaking down complex processes into simple, byte-sized concepts? If so, why not become an Insurance Marketing Representative? You can educate consumers about Insurance and help them make better decisions.

The Broker

Imagine a job where you’re communicating with people all day on how to keep them and their families protected from risk. You’d be able to empathize with their worries, outline productive solutions to mitigate them and help them adapt to new needs when they arise. If this sounds like an ideal position to you, you’re likely to really enjoy being an Insurance broker! At their core, a broker is at their core a people-person who enjoys connecting with clients.

The Underwriter

Analyzing the needs of a client, identifying the risks they face and calculating the right insurance premiums to allow the client to proceed with ease – all of these are tasks of an Underwriter, a strong team-player who’s able to balance both numbers and relationships well. If you enjoy being in a multi-faceted job that requires you to tie several stakeholders together, this position will fit you well!

The Loss Adjuster

Are you good at reassuring people when they’re in a state of panic? Can you easily picture yourself staying calm, communicating with them to get the facts and coordinating the process of making sure they’re able to recover and get back on their feet? Then think about becoming a Loss Adjuster. A Loss Adjuster is the main point of contact when things go wrong for a client – a person who is exceptional at comforting the client and helping them move forward when things go wrong.

Join the Team

While it may seem intimidating to have to look into getting auto or rental Insurance for yourself, there are many Insurance professionals who are happy to help you understand how Insurance works. As an industry whose sole purpose is to keep people and organizations protected from risk, it’s full of people who are eager and ready to help clients achieve peace of mind. Whether you love working with numbers, building relationships or empathizing with people, there’s definitely a role in Insurance where you can truly thrive.

To find out more about the opportunities that Insurance offers for students and new grads to grow meaningful careers, visit the Career Connections website!