Beyond Corporate: How Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Fosters Community in their Company Culture


Now more than ever, students and new grads on the job hunt are in pursuit of a good culture fit just as much as they’re looking for a good career fit.

It’s no secret that feeling connected and valued at work is one of the key driving factors to our success, so it’s certainly important to consider this when researching companies to apply to.

The good news is, organizations like Mercedes-Benz Financial Services work hard to create a professional culture that doesn’t feel like just a workplace, but also a supportive community. We spoke to three employees at MBFS to find out just what it is that makes their company feel like a community.

A Culture That Helps You Grow

Anthony Stranges
Risk Analyst Intern
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

As you start building your career, it’s important to be surrounded by a supportive environment that is committed to your growth. That’s why Anthony Stranges, a fourth-year Brock University student, is so grateful he has had the opportunity to start his career with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Anthony started his internship as a Business Development Intern, but as of the New Year, had the opportunity to switch departments and start working as a Risk Analyst Intern. After spending some time in his previous role, his manager recognized how his career goals differed from his current position, and helped him switch departments in order to set him on his desired path.

“[My managers] guide me closely but also give me the freedom to learn how to do tasks on my own without micromanaging,” said Anthony. “The style of support I have received from them is the support I would plan on using one day when I have a team of my own.”

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services may be a corporation, but the atmosphere is not your typical corporate environment. “When I first started as an intern, I was caught off guard by how easy it is to develop professional relationships in our corporate setting,” Anthony said. “Smile, participate, and put in effort to get to know someone – and that’s all it takes.”

Looking to find success at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services? Follow Anthony’s tips!

1. Ask questions. Whether it’s your manager or the employee sitting next to you, ask as many questions as you can.
2. Go the extra mile.
3. Be respectful and smile at everyone you meet.

“The one thing that I will never forget is how much support I have had from my team to develop my career,” Anthony said of his colleagues. With his team’s guidance, he has been able to achieve several contract extensions and ultimately, set himself on a path for future career success.

Coming Together to Support and Celebrate

Elisa Sohns
Corporate Communications and Events Specialist
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services values their company culture so much that it’s actually one of Elisa Sohns’ roles, to ensure employees are fully engaged through corporate events, culture and camaraderie activities, and community involvement. It’s also her responsibility to keep her team connected by updating them on local, regional, and global corporate information and consult her internal business partners on communication strategy and brand guidelines, to ensure the company’s corporate image and messages are consistent.

Elisa started her career with Mercedes at the Daimler Financial Services headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, where she worked for three years before returning to Canada and joining the MBFS Canada team.

“I knew I wanted to be part of a long-standing, fast-paced, and innovative company,” she said. “Daimler, including Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, is known for providing its employees with a well-balanced work environment and career growth worldwide – and that’s exactly what the company has provided me with.”

In her role as Corporate Communications and Events Specialist, Elisa helps organize over 20 company events per year – big and small – to both reward employees’ accomplishments and celebrate several diverse cultural holidays. For larger events, she recruits the help of volunteers from various departments across the company. “I am always amazed at how quick employees want to lend a hand and participate, often even after work hours,” she said.

Elisa told us that organizing Mercedes-Benz Financial Services’ year-end party is her favourite event. “We have a theme every year – be it Gatsby, Cirque du Soleil, or Nuit en Blanc,” she said. “Employees all participate in full swing and we have time to kick back and enjoy each other’s company.”

This close-knit structure of the community at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services allows employees to network and learn from their peers of all career levels – whether it’s interns, management, or their CEO.

Collaborate and Develop with a Team

Anushka Dilawari
Operations Services Intern
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

When Anushka Dilawari was applying to internship positions, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services was a top choice of hers from the beginning. “I heard great things about the corporate culture, the environment, and the quality of work through previous interns,” she said. So when she was offered a position as an Operations Services Intern, choosing to accept the offer was a no-brainer.

Anushka began her internship in August 2016 and was surprised to quickly learn that no one at MBFS is treated differently based on their position or seniority. “There is no difference between the technology, cubicles, or the information access given to full-time employees and interns,” she said. “The culture of the organization is very inclusive and I have never felt that I am beneath anyone at the company despite being an intern.”

“The organizational culture of Mercedes Benz Financial is one of the best I have ever come across,” she told us. Every month at MBFS, the Human Resources department organizes training sessions in the office open to employees across all departments to help develop soft skills like negotiation, time management, and presentation skills.

While the team regularly comes together for events, celebrations, and meetings, Anushka’s standout Mercedes moment so far has been their year-end party in December. She liked that the entire MBFS Canada team – from interns and co-op students to senior management – was able to come together and celebrate a successful year with food, drinks, and music.

The professional connections Anushka has made so far in her internship has made her feel like she’ll stay in touch with the organization for a long time to come – even after her work term is over. “Since my very first day at MBFS I have felt included, wanted and respected,” she added.

For students and new grads who are looking to join an organization that works hard and works together, the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services team will steer you on pathway to career success while having fun along the way.

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