Careers at Reynolds and Reynolds From Coast to Coast


As any recent graduate knows, starting a new job can be equally exciting and intimidating. On one hand, you’re taking a step toward a lifelong career. On the other hand, when you start your first full-time position, you’re venturing into unknown territory. You’ll be meeting a whole new team of people, learning the ropes of your new role, and navigating the workplace environment, all at once. Finding your place in a multinational company can be especially challenging; how will you fit into an established network of thousands of employees?

One such multinational company, Reynolds and Reynolds, offers a comprehensive orientation program to help entry-level employees put aside their early workplace jitters. Plus, by focusing on mentorship and creating a collaborative environment, Reynolds helps employees across North America understand how they fit into their teams and the larger company.

To give you an idea of how Reynolds connects employees working in multiple locations across Canada, we spoke with three employees to get a sense of how they became a part of the Reynolds team, and how the company made them feel at home.

Welcome to the Team

Blair McConnochie
Software Support Specialist
Technical Assistance Centre, Reynolds and Reynolds
Mississauga, ON

Blair McConnochie is a Software Support Specialist in the Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) at Reynolds and Reynolds. In her role on the Accounting team in the TAC, she provides customer support to clients who use Reynolds software at their car dealerships. Blair has been working for the company for seven months and already is an integral part of the team.

“The best part about my job is working with amazing people day after day,” she says.

So how did Blair find her career fit? At the time of her application, she thought the Software Support Specialist role would be a great opportunity for her to succeed. The company’s benefits, green initiatives, and company culture also appealed to her. Thanks to an extensive hiring process, Blair knew the representatives at Reynolds were committed to getting to know her even before she joined the company.

Once she was hired, Blair was able to enjoy the frequent social events Reynolds hosts to encourage associates to get to know one another and build camaraderie among individual teams and across the company.

“The company culture at Reynolds and Reynolds is welcoming and friendly,” Blair says.

“There is a high importance placed on teamwork.”

Blair says Reynolds encourages a collaborative company culture. If employees come across a new issue, more senior co-workers are eager to assist and teach newer team members. The company’s team mentality teaches employees about working well together; as Blair says, “Reynolds has taught me that two minds are better than one!”

Blair’s 3 tips for a career at Reynolds and Reynolds.

  • Check the Reynolds and Reynolds career opportunities page to find new openings.
  • Meet with your supervisor to discuss what you want to learn from your job and what development opportunities you’d like to gain.
  • Know what position you want, and where you want your career to end up. This planning will help you set and achieve your goals!

Supporting Reynolds and Reynolds in French Canada

Geoff Carrie
Bilingual (French and English) Software Support Specialist
Technical Assistance Centre, Reynolds and Reynolds
Montreal, QC

As a Linguistics graduate from Concordia University, Geoff had a knack for understanding different languages and communicating with different individuals. As a Software Support Specialist in the Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) at Reynolds, Geoff has worked in the Finance and Insurance (F&I) team for five years. His main responsibility is to support car dealerships in French Canada who use Reynolds’ F&I software. He also acts as a liaison between various departments within Reynolds to help facilitate the rollout of new software versions.

Geoff utilizes his communication skills to help ensure operations in-house and on the client side run smoothly, which calls for strong teamwork and consistent collaboration. For Geoff, the challenge of bringing together many diverse parties is an exciting part of his job, and why he has continued to develop with the company. While he loves mastering complex technology and helping other people understand how to use it effectively, Geoff says Reynolds’ commitment to team-building is the most rewarding aspect of his role.

“As an intellectual challenge, this position was irresistible to me,” says Geoff.

“Once I met my colleagues at the TAC, I knew I was in the right place. Working with a team of smart, motivated problem-solvers every day is a huge plus.”

Much like Blair, Geoff notes Reynolds’ hiring process helped match him with his career fit and helped give him a sense of belonging at the company. After on-the-job training, Geoff was confident in assisting customers because he knew he had the support of his whole team. He also says company-wide events helped him get to know people throughout his office.

Geoff also appreciates the accessibility of ongoing skills development for employees. For example, some employees on a team will be tasked with becoming a team expert on a new subject and then teaching that subject to the rest of the team. For Geoff, collaborative information-sharing binds the team together.

“There is a very strong sense of everyone being in it together, working towards a common goal,” he says.

“You often find yourself working with people from other departments. It’s rare to have a day without collaboration of some kind.”

Geoff’s 3 tips for a career at Reynolds and Reynolds.

  • Go in with an open attitude. There’s a lot to learn, but you can do it, and it will even be fun!
  • Ask your colleagues questions. They were in your position once and want to help you. There are no dumb questions.
  • Prepare to work hard. You will not get bored, and it will be very rewarding..

Growing Upward with Reynolds and Reynolds

Patrick Simpson
Account Manager Trainee
Sales, Reynolds and Reynolds
Hamilton, ON

As a Commerce graduate, Sales is one of Patrick Simpson’s greatest passions. When he graduated, Patrick was attracted to Reynolds because of its extensive sales training program. He joined the team in May 2015, and since then, he says the company’s dedication to his career development has given him the skills necessary to succeed in the role.

As an Account Manager Trainee, Patrick is learning new skills each day and is supported largely by his supervisors and more experienced colleagues. Whether it’s industry information, product knowledge, or sales techniques, Patrick is constantly expanding his horizons. His daily tasks consist of training customers, meeting clients, or job shadowing Account Managers, and each day holds new lessons. Patrick also travels frequently, including to the U.S. for training, and he is open to the possibility of relocating to a different area of Canada. It can seem like a leap of faith to agree to move to an unfamiliar location, but for Patrick, Reynolds’ nation-wide team building activities have allowed him to build connections with other employees across the country.

“There is such a strong sense of community across Reynolds,” says Patrick.

Patrick says Reynolds builds community professionally among employees through mentorship and collaborative activities, as well as through a number of employee training classes. Reynolds also builds camaraderie outside of work through a number of company-sponsored events and other team-building activities

According to Patrick, Reynolds also encourages a culture of teaching throughout the company. Seasoned employees interact and collaborate with entry-level employees, and employees frequently take time out of their day to teach each other employees new skills. Patrick notes when you’re a new employee, you must adjust quickly to working with different professionals with different leadership styles. Moreover, Reynolds employees work together, using their diverse abilities to best support the client.

Patrick’s 3 tips for a career at Reynolds and Reynolds.

  • Be confident: Reynolds and Reynolds will provide you with the tools to succeed but you need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Be organized: You will encounter a lot of information when you start work and being able to stay organized is a big part of being able to digest everything.
  • Work hard: At the end of the day no one is holding your hand throughout this process. It is your responsibility to always be learning and completing tasks.

Thanks to a focus on collaboration, mentorship, and ongoing skills development, Reynolds employees become part of a cohesive team. To find out how you could join this community, check out their career opportunities to see if one is right for you.