9 Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Search


Searching for a job can be incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking.

On one hand, you’re able to truly apply yourself to find the next stepping stone in your career. At the same time, it’s very easy to feel disheartened when you don’t hear back from applications and get rejected after going in for an interview.

However, being positive about your job prospects is a vital and important part of a successful job search. The process of presenting yourself as the ideal candidate both on paper and in-person requires you to think and believe that you can genuinely get the job.

So, how can you stay hopeful during a job search? Here are nine solid tips you can use right away to keep yourself in the positive despite feeling negative.

Create a Daily Routine

Finding the right jobs and creating great applications are without a doubt, highly energy intensive tasks. That’s why it’s not wise to leave it to chance to find the time to get these things done. Instead, incorporate them into your daily routine and if you can, set a fixed time and duration every day to devote yourself to them. This way, you’re giving yourself more than enough time to really process and understand the nuances of each job posting to optimize your application for success!

Set a Realistic Goal

It’s not hard to guilt-trip ourselves when we’re jobless. Instead of feeling bad, take a realistic look at how much time it takes for you to prepare a good job application and set a weekly quota. Does it take two days to produce a top-notch resume and cover letter? Then make sure to apply to at least three jobs a week. As long as you hit your quota, you know you’re doing your very best to find a job!

Uplift Your Mood

A big part of being successful in your job search is having hobbies that make you happy. Love to jog? Do some running after each job application. Have bubbly, positive friends or mentors who make you feel valuable and worthy? Meet with them weekly. Do what you can to keep yourself from being sucked into feeling fearful and hopeless. Just because you haven’t found a job yet doesn’t mean you should be miserable!

Write Stand-Out Applications

Scan your resume through the eyes of an employer – do they really care which high school you went to? Did they ask for your GPA? How can you spin your retail experience into a workplace advantage? These are the type of questions you should ask yourself when writing a stand-out resume. For more tips on writing a great resume, check out this helpful article from our career advice blog, the Incubator!

Exude Confidence in the Interview

Rehearse your answers like you’re auditioning for a part in a musical. Repeat key parts until they stick firmly in your mind enough to withstand your nerves. Walk into that interview like you were already offered the job. Ask meaningful questions about the job and company and show the employer your enthusiasm for the position and their values. And to really make sure it goes as smoothly as possible, read this TalentEgg article on how to deliver a great interview!

Remember The Silver Lining

There’s a bright side to rejection. Every job application you complete and interview you attend allows you practice how to effectively communicate with employers. This will make applying for jobs and going to interviews much easier overtime. Just remember, each unsuccessful application or interview is a chance for you to sharpen your abilities for the right employer. Your perseverance will pay off – keep going!

Be Respectful of Your Pace

Just because you don’t get a job right away doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. Keep in mind that the quality of the position matters more than its timing – looking back, you’ll care more that you picked the right job over how long it took for you to find it. So choose instead, to view the extra time you’ve put into your job search as an investment into finding the right position, rather than a sign of poor performance.

Maintain Your Patience

Even if an employer doesn’t get back to you in the promised time frame, don’t fret! Hiring season is very busy for the employer and they often have to extend internal deadlines to get things done. Give it an extra week or two and if you don’t hear anything, email a light follow-up. No response? No worries! Keep applying, stay positive and enjoy your time as much as possible. Spend your time celebrating yourself instead of anxiously waiting for employers to call!

Network and Expand Your Career IQ

Still hungry to work on your career after doing all of the above? Explore local networking opportunities and ask different people about their job searching experiences. Plus, take a minute to go through our collection of career advice articles – we have everything you need to know about video interviews, podcasts, mentorship and more! There’s always something you can learn from another person’s career experience – find more articles from the Incubator, here.

While you’re not always going to feel positive during your job search, there are always things you can do to feel better. Give yourself the best chance of finding a great job by following our nine tips!