Career Insights from a 2016 TalentEgg Awards Judge


The TalentEgg Awards is an exciting event for campus recruiters and students alike. While employers across the country have the opportunity to walk away with one of 10 prestigious awards, our student judges really do have the fun job – they get to judge all of the creative and interesting applications we receive!

Tharsiga Selvathilagan was one of the students on our judging panel last year who had an egg-stra special experience. Not only did she get an inside look at recruiting strategies from organizations across the country, she made a special connection with a campus recruiter that she won’t soon forget.

A Rewarding Opportunity

Tharsiga Selvathilagan
Student, University of Waterloo
2016 TalentEgg Awards Judge

When Tharsiga found out TalentEgg was looking for student judges for our Campus Recruitment Awards last year, she knew she wanted to apply. “I was immediately intrigued by the concept of examining submissions of the most sophisticated recruitment campaigns in the country,” she says.

Especially as a student in a co-operative education program who would be looking for work soon, Tharsiga saw immense value in the opportunity to weigh in on the campus recruitment strategies and techniques of employers.

The student judging process goes as follows:
1. Step one is easy – just fill out the application form here!
2. Once our final selections for judges have been made, you’ll receive access to our judging site.
3. You’ll have a set period of time to browse through employers’ applications from organizations all across the country.
4. Determine which campaigns you think are best and cast your votes.
5. Wait and see if your favourites win!

Tharsiga says the experience made her more informed about what recruiters are really looking for in student hires. “I have easily accessible information about companies on the Internet, however with these submissions, I got to see how employers market themselves in the design and development of their [campus recruitment] campaigns,” she says. After learning detailed information about what companies do to attract student candidates, she felt like she had a better understanding of what she needed to do to get noticed.

An Unexpected Connection

After reviewing all the submissions, there was one organization in particular that really impressed Tharsiga. She was so intrigued by what she learned about Sun Life Financial that she decided to reach out to Andre Gonthier, the Director of Campus Recruiting, herself on LinkedIn. “I realized it was an odd request,” she says. “But I was pleased to see how open to the idea he was!”

Before she knew it, Tharsiga was in the Sun Life Financial building in Kitchener meeting with Andre who showed her around the office, chatted with her about her career goals and aspirations, and shared stories about his personal experiences from school and work.

Then, he connected Tharsiga with two Campus Recruiting Consultants at the company who helped her with an assignment she was working on for her Personnel Psychology class. “I had to write about a job and do an analysis of a specific role, the responsibilities of said role, the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed,” she says. As a student minoring in Human Resources Management, she was especially interested in learning about what it’s like to recruit for Sun Life.

Tharsiga suggests that other students reach out to recruiters or companies that are of significant interest to them. “It doesn’t hurt to send a polite message,” she says. “It’s refreshing for employers to see that you’re making that extra effort in reaching out to them in admiration of their role and with motivations of learning more.”

“I wasn’t asking for a position in their department, I wasn’t hoping to get my next co-op position there – I simply wanted to hear about the actual experiences that someone in this role had faced, and any insight they had for a student like myself,” Tharsiga says.


Tharsiga says being a TalentEgg Awards Judge has made her more confident in her job search. “[Now] I’m aware of what recruiters look for in students, and I have a greater understanding of the scopes of the programs offered at different companies.”

After taking an in-depth look at the organizations that offer mentorship programs, global opportunities, and detailed insights on how organizations attract and retain employees, she has a better idea of where she’d like to apply come graduation.

If you’d like to join the panel this year, hurry and apply now! All you have to do is click here to easily fill out the application. You might just make a meaningful connection like Tharsiga did!

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