A Day In The Life Of A Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Intern


Engaging. Innovative. Fun. Supportive. These are all words that interns at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services have used to describe their workplace.

Despite their differences in departments and educational backgrounds, they all agree on one major thing: there’s top talent around every turn at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, making it an ideal place for students and new grads to kick start their careers.

To get an inside look at what a day in the life of a Mercedes-Benz Financial Services intern is really like, TalentEgg spoke with four interns to learn about the interesting challenges, supportive team members, and collaborative work culture that they experience daily in their roles.

Grow with an Encouraging Team

“At Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, we’re continuously celebrating our company and personal achievements, allowing us to come together as a team and family.”
Kyle Hill
Controlling & Reporting Analyst (Intern), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Kyle Hill, a third-year Business Administration student at Wilfrid Laurier University, told us that the first thing that caught his eye about his internship posting was the company itself. He knew Mercedes-Benz Financial Services had won best workplace awards in Canada and was excited about the opportunity to develop his skills at a globally-recognized automotive company. “It’s easier to work hard and be passionate about your work when you appreciate who you work for,” he said.

“With a big company like Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, there is always something new to learn,” Kyle said. His favourite thing about his job is the opportunity to work on major, meaningful projects and come up with new ways to do things. Not only does it allow him to showcase his potential, he gets to build new skills (like SQL – Structured Query Language coding) in order to streamline tasks.

“From the moment I became a member of the MBFS team I felt welcomed.” Kyle told us about his team’s daily huddle, during which his team members run through their daily tasks and work through any potential challenges as a unit. “On top of this, we have office events for just about every holiday or milestone we achieve as a company,” he added. These events allow interns like Kyle to network with other departments and learn more about the company as a whole.

Kyle says his most memorable takeaway of his internship so far has been the opportunity to present the database he built to the company’s CFO and release it to the rest of the team. “It’s exciting to see your work recognized and implemented into day-to-day operations,” he said.

A Support System Away from Home

“In my role I don’t have a typical day, which is something I like.”
Ina Riefle
HR & Administrative Services Intern, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

The application process for Ina Riefle’s position was a little bit different than a typical intern’s would be. That’s because Ina is a third-year Human Resources student at Heilbronn University in Germany. She’s come to Canada to complete her program’s mandatory work term as a member of the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services team.

“I was happy that they considered me as an applicant even though that was more complicated,” Ina said, explaining that the time difference, visa application process, and digital communication made her hiring process unique.

When it came time for her Skype interview, Ina was impressed with how relaxed the process was. “[Our HR Manager] really wanted to get to know me instead of testing me or putting me under pressure,” she said. During Ina’s hiring process, the team assisted her with her visa application, answered her questions about working in Canada, offered support in finding a place to live, and even connected her with other interns from Germany!

Ina was surprised to find that she wasn’t the only employee from another country – Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is a diverse workplace filled with people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. “In my role I have to communicate with a lot of internal and external customers, which helps me to improve my English,” she said.

Like many young professionals will tell you, the opportunity to apply the theory learned in a classroom to real-world situations is incredibly valuable to a student or new grad – and the structure of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services’ internship program allows them to do just that. “I like to learn by doing,” Ina said. “I like to use what I learned instead of just learning and repeating it for an exam.”

An Opportunity to Explore Your Skills

“The work environment here makes me feel comfortable to ask questions and explore my strengths.”
Nicole Chen
Marketing & Business Analyst Intern, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

As a Marketing and Business Analyst intern, Nicole’s primary responsibility at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is to maintain and automate the reports in the Sales and Marketing department. These reports are related to Mercedes-Benz’s marketing programs and DRM’s (Dealer Relationship Manager) performances.

At Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, you’re not only surrounded by a supportive team, but are closely connected to your managers who act as mentors as you explore your role. “At the beginning of my internship, my manager took about an hour every other day to walk me through all the programs and reports in the department,” Nicole said. She also had the opportunity to job shadow employees in other departments to learn about how other parts of the company work. “Every once and a while I would find a chance to talk to my manager to see if there is anything I could improve,” she said. “He’s giving me helpful feedback.”

Nicole told us the most challenging part of her job is when she has several reporting requests at once, and still has to ensure the same speed and accuracy as if she was only working on one. This, however, has taught Nicole exemplary time management skills, especially when it comes to managing her day-to-day tasks.

Contributing to a Community

“Here I know I can achieve all my goals if we just work hard and work together. Once you get a taste for this level of work ethic, you will never be complacent ever again.”
Jade Perry
Operations Services Representative (Intern), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Jade Perry is a Human Resources Management student at Humber College. She recently made the decision to go back to school to pursue a new career – and calls it the most rewarding experience of her life. The training, responsibility, and support made available to her at her Mercedes-Benz Financial Services internship has boosted her confidence in her career skills by leaps and bounds since the time she started in August.

“MBFS truly believes in their people,” Jade told us. “Whether you are an intern or on a contract, we are all welcome to participate in training opportunities that help bolster our confidence and professional development.”

All employees at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services have the opportunity to join the company’s camaraderie committee, which is a group of volunteers who get together to plan events for the year. During Jade’s internship alone, they’ve organized events for everything from a Halloween costume competition, to Diwali, to a Christmas party for MBFS employees’ children. “Being a member of this committee is a real pleasure,” said Jade. “These [events] are all strong team building and bonding experiences that bring us all closer together as more of a family, rather than just co-workers.”

Jade says that her work experience with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is unmatched to any job she’s had in the past. “The first thing that comes to one’s mind when you think of being an intern is that interns get coffee, make photocopies, and if we are lucky perhaps we will help on a few projects here and there. That is certainly not the case here,” Jade said. “I always feel motivated by the trust they put in us.”

So, do you think you have what it takes to thrive in this exciting, innovative work environment? If you’re looking for a career – and not just a job – these interns can assure you that Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is a great place for you to explore your skills and boost your career.

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