Office Hours: Exploring Nexen’s Student And New Grad Opportunities


For students and new grads looking to hatch their careers in the Oil and Gas industry, Nexen is often a top choice.

Their commitment to diversity, student and new grad career development, and innovation are just some of the things that have earned them the recognition of being one of Canada’s top employers.

On January 9th, Nexen’s recruiting experts joined us for 60-minute online chat and answered your questions about co-op opportunities, application tips, and more! If you weren’t able to attend the chat, we’ve got you covered. Check out the full transcript below!

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Hi everyone, and welcome to Office Hours with Nexen! My name is Melissa and I’ll be moderating today’s Q&A.

We’re so egg-cited for today’s chat! Over the next 60 minutes, we’ll be answering your questions about starting a career with Nexen. You can ask about anything from application tips to job opportunities – the sky’s the limit!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received a lot of great questions from students and grads all over Canada! Don’t forget – you can also submit LIVE questions as well.

Now, I’d like to introduce our guest eggs-perts for today’s chat! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter
Hello! My name is Nicole Sato and I’m the Campus Recruiter at Nexen – so excited to be chatting with you all today! Matt Maciejewski is also here as well – he is the Supervisor of our Campus Relations team. We are looking forward to some great questions and conversation!

Great! Let’s get started.

Faysal, an Engineering major at Concordia University
What kind of opportunities do you have for recent graduates?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter
Hi Faysal, we offer new graduate opportunities for candidates who have graduated within the past 2 years of our recruitment start date. We focus on the following areas: Engineering, Geophysics, Geology, Accounting, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Management. We typically post these roles in September for the following year.

Waleed, a Chemical Engineering major at the University of Ottawa
Are you planning to visit school campuses to recruit students graduating in May 2017?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Waleed! We are usually on our campus roadshow in September, which is when we advertise and recruit for the majority of our positions – summer student, January Co-op placements, and new grads!

Does Nexen have a graduate program? When will it start?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter 
Hi Arafat! We recruit for our new graduates in the following disciplines – engineering, geology, geophysics, accounting, HR and supply chain and post these roles in September for the following year. We offer flexibility in terms of the start date however most new grads start in May!

Donald, a Dalhousie University student
What time of the year do you recruit new hires?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Donald! Great question! We post our New Graduate positions for the following year in September. All other entry level positions are posted per business need throughout the year.

Charles, a University of Ottawa student
Are there current opportunities for Environmental Engineers at Nexen?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Charles, In terms of positions specifically related to environmental engineering, we do not have any opportunities currently, however there may be opportunities in the future specifically to our Long Lake sites in Fort McMurray!

Bunny, a Mechanical Engineering student
Do you hire international students?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter
Hi Bunny! We definitely hire international students, as long as you have the correct work permits!

What are some application faux-pas that you’d advise new applicants to be sure not to do?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Ian! Great question about application faux pas – Matt would say: don’t answer questions dishonestly in order to get to the next stage of the interview process. Example: if you don’t want to relocate then don’t apply to the job! Also don’t exaggerate experience on your resume. One thing I see a lot of when reviewing applications are candidates using the same cover letter for all applications and sometimes not even changing the company name! Always make sure you review, edit, spell check, and review again! Thanks for the question!

Kush Patel  
What importance does Nexen place on grades and extracurriculars?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Kush! GPA and extra curricular activities are definitely looked at – having good grades and volunteering etc. certainly can add value to your application in the selection process, however we don’t solely make decisions based on grades and extra curriculars.

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Abdalla, a Master of Chemical Engineering student at the University of Toronto
As a Master’s student, am I eligible to apply for a co-op position?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter 
Hi Abdalla, we usually have a handful of positions for Master’s students – it will indicate in the job posting if we are specifically looking for a Master’s student!

Pinky Chan
Will there be another round of EIT recruitment at Nexen? Will there be more positions opening up in the next couple of months? Thanks!

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Pinky, unfortunately we will be wrapping up our New Grad EIT positions for 2017 by the end of this month. Please keep an eye out on our career’s site for 2018 opportunities!

Does Nexen has a video interview stage? How can a new grad excel in and pass that stage?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter 
Hi Alice! Excellent question, thank you for asking! Yes we conduct OnDemand Video Interviews in the pre-selection stage, where you would record answers to questions and our recruiters and hiring managers review them along with your resume. I had to do one for my role as well – I would recommend doing as many practice questions as you can to be comfortable, relax, and also if you’re done answering the question, don’t ramble on. Also be as specific as possible with your answers. My biggest recommendation would be to relax and make your personality shine!

Elvis, a University of Calgary student
Is there a minimum GPA requirement to secure an interview?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter
Hi Elvis, we don’t have a formal GPA requirement for our student positions, however encourage you to do your best in school!

We’ve reached the halfway point in our chat, which means it’s time for a poll question!

What are you most egg-cited to learn about today?

Application and interview tips: 46%
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• Entry-level jobs: 31%
• Growth opportunities: 0%

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Kevin, an Engineering major at the University of Saskatchewan
How can I increase my odds of landing a summer job or internship?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Kevin, the first step would be applying! I always recommend to highlight in your cover letter and resume how you meet and have demonstrated the qualifications listed in the job description – by showcasing your qualifications you are more likely to get shortlisted for the role!

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Tanvir, a Mineral Resource Engineering student
I am looking for a summer co-op opportunity. Are you going to hire any students in summer 2017?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter 
Hi Tanvir! All of our Summer (4 month) and Co-op (8/12/16 month) positions for May are now posted until January 15th! Be sure to apply on our website ASAP!

For graduate applicants from outside of Canada, what is their chance of being hired?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter
Hi Arafat – thanks for the question! As long as you have the proper work permit/eligibility to live and work in Canada, there is nothing holding you back from being considered for the position!

What kind of work experience do you look for on a student resume?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Jon, great question! We understand that student’s might not have a lot of work experience so I would recommend focusing on your transferrable skills – for example – customer service, communication, team work, leadership, etc.! Share how these skills you’ve learned at previous jobs are relevant and will be beneficial to the position you are applying to.

Could you tell us more about the job opportunities for Electrical Engineers at Nexen?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter
Hi Simran, great question! We recently hired an electrical engineering co-op student who started today in Fort McMurray! If you’re interested in relocating, we might have an opportunity for you based on business need! Our student roles are posted in January, May, and September so keep an eye out for our postings.

Learn more about Nexen’s opportunities for students and new grads here.

MD, a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major at Simon Fraser University
Are there research career opportunities at Nexen?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi MD, we have an R&D team here Nexen so there are definitely research opportunities! Additionally, for the first time this year we brought in 5 PhD students through the MITACS program.

Lautaro, an Engineering major at Ryerson University
I completed a 16 month internship as a process engineer. Are there any positions available for a new grad with my expertise?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Lautaro, that sounds like an excellent work term that is related to our New Grad EIT roles. I would recommend that you apply when our positions are posted in September!

How can I ace my resume for a chemical engineering co-op position?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Thanks for the question Ahmed! We would recommend ensuring you include the following items on your resume: education, previous work experience, extra curriculars. Those are the areas we look at the most. In your cover letter, also indicate why you’re interested in the role and the company, how your skills are relevant to the position you are applying to, and also why you would be a good fit for the role and the company.

What would you say is the number one thing that makes an interview memorable for you as a recruiter?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter 
Hi Suzy, excellent question! Candidates that goes above and beyond always make a memorable interview for us -whether that be knowing a lot about the company and role prior to the interview, knowing how to properly structure an answer to the question (use the STAR method) and provide an answer that doesn’t require much further probing, and also asking the interviewers unique questions. Always ask the interviewer questions! Best of luck in your interviews!

Don, a Red River College student
I’ve been told to keep my resume short and to the point, but I’ve been also been told to have it lengthy and detailed. Which do you prefer?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Thanks for the question Don! Since we go through such high volume of applications with our campus hiring, we prefer they are short and to the point as long as all the relevant information is on there! Our recommendation would be to keep it at 2 pages maximum and use bullet point instead of paragraph format. As well, always indicate how you meet the qualifications for the role and why you are interested in it in your cover letter!

Can new graduates still send in applications before the end of the month?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Tope! Unfortunately all of our new graduate positions for 2017 are now closed. We would recommend checking back in September and applying to our new graduate opportunities at that time!

What is the application process like for summer jobs?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Zaid! We post our summer opportunities in September and January for a May start date. You need to apply online via the Nexen website and submit your cover letter, resume and transcript. As long as you are returning to school the following fall, you are eligible to apply. From there, we have a video stage and interview stage prior to a final offer going out. Thanks for the question and we hope you apply!

Does Nexen offer support for those who would be relocating for work?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Ted! For any students relocating for work, we offer up to $1000 relocation allowance to assist with moving costs. Calgary and Fort McMurray are great cities if you’ve never been! I would highly recommend applying!

Hani, a University of British Columbia student
What do you like to see in the cover letters you receive?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Hani, I would recommend that in your cover letter you highlight how your skills and previously experiences are relevant to the role, and also demonstrate how you have met the qualifications of the role you are applying to!

Ayesha, a McMaster University student
What is the best way for candidates outside of Alberta to stand out on their cover letter and resume?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Ayesha, we consider all candidates equally no matter where you are from so there aren’t any disadvantages if you aren’t from Alberta! Just make sure you meet the qualifications for the role that is posted when applying. Thanks for the question!

Ash, a University of Toronto student
How many people work at Nexen?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Ash – currently we have 1100 employees in Canada and 2000 Nexen wide.

Amir, a University of Toronto student
What is the hiring time frame like from when I apply to when I would potentially be offered a position?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Hi Amir, thanks for the question! For co-op and summer student roles, we always post our roles 4 months ahead of time and you could get an offer anywhere between 1-3 months. Typically an offer will go out about a week after all interviews for the role are completed, if not sooner! We try our best to work as quickly as possible!

That’s all the time we have for today! Thanks everyone for your egg-cellent questions.

I think we covered a ton of ground today – hopefully you’ve all taken away some useful information about some of the awesome career opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry.

A very special thanks to our guests today – the past hour just flew by! Do you have any final advice to give our students and grads?

Nicole Sato, Campus Recruiter  
Thanks to everyone who participated, we really enjoyed this session and had a lot of great questions! Matt’s piece of advice for students and new grads would be to continue to check our website on a monthly basis as sometimes we may have positions that come up outside of our regular business cycle but certainly be looking at our website in January, May and September for the majority of our campus roles! My biggest piece of advice for students would be to enroll in your school’s co-op program! Getting relevant work experience while in school will make it a lot easier in your transition into the workforce after your academics are complete, and it definitely gives you that competitive advantage in comparison to other applicants who may not have completed work terms. I would also recommend utilizing as many resources as possible from your school’s career centre – looking back this is something I wish I did more of in university. Have the counselors review your cover letter, resume, and give you tips if they know of company’s who are hiring! We hope you had fun and look forward to receiving your application for our student and new graduate positions!

If you’re looking for more info on Nexen, be sure to explore their Employer Page on TalentEgg. You’ll find job postings, articles, and more!

Thanks again for joining us, everyone. Have an egg-cellent day!

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