Office Hours with Bell Technical Solutions


On December 1st, we held an Office Hours with the egg-spert recruiters from Bell Technical Solutions on how to join their team. Find out more by reading our chat below!

Hey Students and New Grads! Welcome to our Office Hours with Bell Technical Solutions! My name is Akemi and I’ll be moderating our chat today.

I’d like to welcome our guest experts from Bell Technical Solutions! Why don’t you all introduce yourselves?

Nav Bassi
Hi there! My name is Nav and I joined Bell Technical Solutions in 2015 as a Manager, Talent Acquisition. I’m primarily responsible for all the technical recruitment across Ontario.

Léon Farra
Salut! Mon nom est Léon et j’ai joint Bell Solutions Technique en 2015 en tant que gestionnaire acquisition de Talent. Je suis responsable de tout le recrutement technique au Québec.

Thank you so much everyone! Here’s our first question.

Shaunak, a Commerce student at York University
What types of summer opportunities are available for students?

Nav Bassi
We have one summer opportunity available for students at this point in time – Summer Student Technician. However, this opportunity is available across the province and open to students in all programs, colleges and universities.

Zoiya, a master’s student at McMaster University
Is it possible to get a job in the telecommunications industry without a background in telecommunications?

Nav Bassi
Absolutely! At Bell Technical Solutions, all our Field Service Technician roles are entry level. We have a robust training program that prepares you for a rewarding career in telecommunications!

Ahmed, a Business Technology Management student at Ryerson University
Is there a video interview involved in the application process? If so, do you have any tips on how to complete it successfully?

Nav Bassi
Thanks for your question! A video interview is part of our recruitment process. We typically assess communication, professionalism and quality of answers when we look over your video submissions. My tips would be to get the video interview completed on time (within the 48 hours deadline)! We all know this technology is very new and we understand if you’re nervous. Just give it your best shot.

Di, a graduate student at UOIT
As a graduate student, how can I prepare to join your company?

Nav Bassi
Hi there! Currently we are hiring for various roles across Bell Technical Solutions. As a graduate student, I encourage you to check out the requirements for each position we have posted on our website and find a position that interest you. We don’t typically have many roles for which we look for a Masters level education but for some, we may have a preference for individuals that have a Masters. Hope this answers your question!

Tanveer, an Automation and Robotics student at Centennial College
As an engineering student at a college, how can I be hired by your company?

Nav Bassi
You just need to apply to the position! One you have applied we will be happy to get in touch with you.

Niko, an undergraduate student
Are summer students considered over other candidates for full time roles at Bell after graduation?

Léon Farra
Even though a permanent or temporary role isn’t guaranteed after the summer mandate, We’ll take the person’s experience and knowledge into consideration for other opportunities.

Mehak, a HR student at Thompson River University
What skills are you looking for in a successful candidate?

Nav Bassi
We need individuals that are independent, mature and responsible. Candidates that have an inkling for building and assembling tend to do well in a Field Service Technician role. But most of all, we look for stellar customer service skills – ultimately this role is all about servicing the customer!

Syed, a student at Northeastern University
Are there any opportunities for students out West?

Nav Bassi
Unfortunately, at this point in time, we only have locations in Quebec and Ontario.

Emma, an undergraduate student
How much career growth is there at Bell Technical Solutions for new grads in the Field Service Technician role?

Léon Farra
The possibilities are endless, all depends on your ambition and willingness to grow within the company. for example the next obvious role for a technician is the operation managers position. The operation managers manages and supervises certain number of technicians under their responsibility.

Yue, a Marketing student at the University of Ottawa
Do you have any opportunities available for marketing grads in 2017? If so, what kind of skills and experiences are required for them?

Nav Bassi
Although we do have marketing roles available at Bell Technical Solutions, we do not have any program that is catered directly towards recruiting new graduates from a marketing program. I encourage you to check out our website to find any marketing opportunities we may have available here.

Alexander, a Mathematics student at Western University
As customer support diminishes due to automation, how does Bell Technical Solutions plan to leverage its human expertise to stay competitive in the support industry?

Nav Bassi
Customer service at Bell Technical Solutions will always be the most important part of the Field Service Technician role. This being said, technology is always advancing and being the largest telecommunications organization in the country, we need to adapt & leverage those technologies to better service our customers. Because the work that our Field Service Technicians do is so hands on and interactive, we do not anticipate automation to play a large role at this point in time. However, we are consistently providing our technicians with the latest app’s and technology to help them automate some of their daily work duties, including troubleshooting steps/tips & tricks and quick online assistance in cases of emergencies. We have also created a wonderful app for our technicians that allow them to enter the steps they have taken in certain troubleshooting situations and that information is available for other technicians to review when they are stuck in similar situations. This is one of the ways in which we retain and share our expertise within our workforce!

Derek, a student from Ryerson University
What would a typical day on the job look like?

Léon Farra
The technicians have their itinerary in the morning then they will call the first client to confirm the appointment, All depending on the number of services that the client requested, they will make the necessary line connections outside and do the interior modem installation as well as make sure the connections are working before leaving the clients house. And they’ll repeat these processes according to their schedule.

Avneet, a student at the University of Windsor
Can I kickstart a career in IT with Bell Technical Solutions?

Nav Bassi
Of course! Many of our students that join us as Field Service Technicians learn invaluable skills that they can apply to various roles in the future. As a Field Service Technician, you also have a great opportunity to put your IT skills to use troubleshooting routers, networks, wifi connections and so forth. This summer opportunity would be a great start to your IT career!

Auralyn, an Information Technology Management student at Ryerson University
What are the requirements to apply for the Summer Student Program?

Nav Bassi
You must be a student currently enrolled in a full-time program at any accredited college or university in Canada. You also need to have the following:

  • G2 drivers licence or greater with a clean drivers abstract
  • Proof of education/enrollment
  • Valid work permit/authorization to work in Canada for any employer
  • Clean criminal background check
  • Ability to climb ladders
  • Ability to distinguish colors
  • Comfortable working in indoor and outdoor weather conditions

Alessandro, an undergraduate student
What makes a resume stand out to you? How can I make my skills and experience memorable?

Nav Bassi
Hi there! We usually assess candidate resumes against the requirements of the job. For example, if you are interested in the Field Service Technician role, we would be looking at your resume to see if you have any hands on experience with tools and equipment or if you illustrate any interest in learning new things and taking on new challenges. As a recruiter, I want to find things easily and that’s why I always look for the key words right at the beginning of your resume. I would also advise that you look carefully at the job posting and make sure to highlight the areas that align. Hope this helps!

Gaurav, a Mechanical Engineering student at Centennial College
What kinds of career advancement opportunities does Bell Technical Solutions offer to students?

Nav Bassi
Students that join us as a Summer Student usually have opportunities to continue working with us when they go back to school in the Fall. This allows our students to continuously keep growing within our organization! Upon graduation and becoming a regular hire at the company, you are able to take advantage of our tuition reimbursement program that allows our technicians access to $1500 every year to use towards a course/program that is relevant to the position you are in or one that you plan on being in in the near future. There are also ample learning and growth opportunities available through our database of modules and courses designed specifically for Bell Technical Solutions employees. These modules and courses help you on your path to advancement to roles such as Field Operations Manager and Trainer.

What is the community/company culture like on the Bell Technical Solutions team?

Nav Bassi
Hello, I’m glad you asked that! Bell Technical Solutions fosters a very collaborative and hard working team environment. Our leadership understands the value that our employees bring to the organization and therefore promote a variety of learning and development programs and opportunities. We also have a robust recognition and rewards program that recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond their job description to further company objectives.

Damilola, a student at Coventry University
Is it possible to get into the technology industry without a technical degree?

Nav Bassi
The answer to this question would differ depending on what exactly you would like to do in the technology industry. With regards to the Summer Student Technician role at Bell Technical Solutions, it is an entry level role and you can apply and be considered for an opportunity with us without a technical degree/program.

Savan, a Computer Science student at York University
What are some things I can do to secure an internship with your company?

Nav Bassi
We accept applications on an ongoing basis until the position is filled. If you are looking for a great summer student opportunity, I encourage you to apply directly to our website and someone from our recruitment team will be in touch with you.

We’re almost at the end of today’s Office Hours with Bell Technical Solutions! Before we wrap things up – do you have a final piece of advice for students and new grads hoping to join your team?

Nav Bassi
My favorite quote is, ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right’ (Henry Ford). As current students and new grads, my best advice to you guys would be to remain open to new challenges and opportunities. Don’t be scared of applying to roles that might be out of your comfort zone, you never know, that might be what you were always looking for! If you believe in yourself, you can be very successful.

Léon Farra
Even though this is a summer mandate, it will allow you to acquire lots of on hand experience as a technician and allow you to launch your career. So go ahead apply and with the support of the training team and the field managers, we’ll go forward.

Thank you to our guest egg-sperts for the great advice and thank you to our audience for joining us today!

Want to join the Bell Technical Solutions team? Visit their Employer Page to find out more about their career opportunities!