4 Ways Students Can Gain Amazing Experience with Molson Coors


Starting a career with Molson Coors means that you’re joining their team in one important mission: delighting beer drinkers everywhere.

To enlighten the passionate leaders looking to tap into this market, we spoke with Lauren Pryor, Assistant Marketing Manager at Molson Coors, who told us about all the exciting ways students and grads who are thirsty for a challenge can break into the beer business.

Lauren Pryor
Assistant Marketing Manager
Molson Coors

When Lauren Pryor met a Molson Coors representative at a bar in 2008, she had no idea that their short encounter that resulted in her summer recruitment would ultimately shape her career. Soon after the run-in, Lauren began working on their Extreme Team as a Brand Ambassador, and the following year, became a Coordinator and a Summer Sales Representative with them. This is where, she says, she developed her passion for Marketing and was inspired to change career paths.

After briefly leaving the Molson team, she found her way back in 2014, and in 2015 assumed her current role as an Assistant Marketing Manager. Lauren lives and breathes (and, of course, drinks) Molson Coors — which makes her a great person to be responsible for building Molson Coors’ Belgian Moon brand in Canada. On a day-to-day basis, she works with agents and internal partners to develop and execute a national brand plan within various marketing channels, and monitors the results to gain insights for future planning initiatives.

So, what’s a career in beer really like? “It’s the epitomy of ‘work hard, play hard,’” according to Lauren.

“Molson is great because there are so many different areas of the business you can dip into,” she says. She explains that there are not only a crazy number of opportunities for young professionals to explore, there’s also a supportive culture of people who are willing to lend a hand and mentor you in each of the different areas.

“The reason that I love Molson and I came back to Molson is because it has such a strong community feel,” she says.

There are four particularly exciting ways for students and grads to make their mark on the Molson Coors community and gain an amazing experience with the company.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors at Molson Coors will find themselves working on anything from in-bar activations, customer engagement, and talking about products — but ultimately, their job is to ensure that consumers are having an awesome time and that Molson Coors’ products are a big part of it.

As a Brand Ambassador on the Summer Team, you’ll find yourself in a “do-all” position, as Lauren puts it. This job requires that you meet with sales reps, bar owners, and all different types of consumers and customers across the province.

While working as a Brand Ambassador and travelling across Ontario, Lauren says the best part of the job was that she was able to meet all sorts of people from so many walks of life. “It’s important to exercise your network and continue to build your network,” she says. “Every time you talk to someone, it’s an opportunity to build that.”

In order to thrive in a Brand Ambassador role at Molson Coors, you can’t be afraid to ask for clarification. You’re not supposed to know everything when you start out, and being able to constantly learn on the job is part of what makes this such an exciting place to work. “I know it’s tough when you’re coming out of school and you want to make it seem like you know a lot, but there’s no harm in asking questions and being inquisitive,” says Lauren.


From managing budgets to developing and executing events, interns at Molson Coors have the opportunity to dig deep into different brand roles. “It’s not just a summer job of sitting at your desk,” says Lauren.

Rather than sit back and take notes, Molson Coors interns are empowered to make decisions on projects and take charge. “We really encourage them to share their thoughts,” Lauren says. “We instill them with a lot of confidence and encourage them to be leaders themselves.”

The key to success as a Molson Coors intern starts with being a people person. That means being ready to converse, ask questions, and collaborate with others. “People that have really strong interpersonal skills thrive in this company,” Lauren says.

Being a team player, having exceptional organizational skills, and resourcefulness are also important skills for Molson Coors interns to have. As Lauren puts it, summer is Molson Coors’ showtime, so being able to manage multiple projects at once and coming to work ready to roll up your sleeves when it’s all hands on deck is essential, especially for summer interns.

Summer Sales Representative

Being a Summer Sales Representative at Molson Coors is your opportunity to shadow a Sales Representative in the field and get a strong sense of what they do on a daily basis. A Summer Sales Representative works from May to September, and their responsibilities include things like setting up promotions in bars, working with retail reps, and maintaining relationships with them.

In this role, time management is a valuable skill. A Summer Sales Representative must be able to look at a list of accounts they have to visit in one day and manage their time and meetings effectively, while also making quality engagements with each of the bar owners.

Being a brand advocate is also essential. “You’re the face of Molson Coors in the market, so it’s important to act that way,” she says. As a Summer Sales Rep, you should have strong knowledge of the industry, be familiar with the Molson Coors brand, and be able to share that information with clients.

Sponsorship & Event Coordinator

Being a Sponsorship & Event Coordinator at Molson Coors, according to Lauren, is a full-circle opportunity for students and grads. The job involves the set-up, planning, creative, and scheduling of Molson Coors events, which not only provides students and grads with the opportunity to be responsible for an event in its entirety, but also see it all come together.

“I think it’s one of the most rewarding things, because sometimes you don’t get to see your work come to life,” Lauren says.

Like other roles with Molson Coors, being able to connect with people on an interpersonal level is integral, but Sponsorship & Event Coordinators must also be able stay organized, confidently make decisions, and be able to keep track of projects while they’re on the go.

Lauren says that she hopes students and grads working with Molson Coors become brand advocates for life, like she has. Even when she left the company, she still supported their products and never “went to the dark side.” She attributes this devotion to her positive experience with the company.

“I really hope they have that going away, and I hope that they’re the kind of person that when everyone orders a Bud, they’re the one ordering a Canadian,” she says.

How to Make the Most of your Molson Coors Experience:

1. Talk to people. Get to know people in office — take your colleagues out to lunch! You might discover a different area of the business and fall in love with it.
2. Never be afraid to ask questions. The more you ask questions, the more you learn.
3. Self-reflect and continuously set new goals. When you’re in the beginning of your career, it can be difficult receive criticism. Especially for recent grads who sailed through college and university, receiving your first piece of constructive feedback might hurt! Take those comments and use them to set goals for yourself. Constantly evolve your ambitions as you move forward in your career.

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