New Grads: Here’s Why You Should Become a Management Trainee at Enterprise


Have you been wondering where a career as a Management Trainee at Enterprise could take you? According to these Enterprise employees, the sky’s the limit!

TalentEgg asked four Enterprise employees to share their reasons why they love their jobs, and why new grads who want to gain hands-on professional skills, learn a business from the ground up, and connect with supportive mentors should kickstart their careers with Enterprise.

1. Enterprise is a fun and friendly place, where teamwork rules.

“You will develop many friendships with coworkers across multiple branches and management levels that carry forward while you progress in the company. The company hosts many events and socials that help foster these relationships.”

Karen Saini
Management Trainee
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Mississauga

Karen Saini says she was initially attracted to Enterprise by the paid internship program, where she could start her career while she was in school. “Not only do you get to jumpstart your career, you get to meet phenomenal coworkers and mentors and develop friendships at an early stage in your career at Enterprise,” she says.

For a Management Trainee like Karen, every day is different. Some days, she finds herself at the branch and engaging with customers and assisting them with their specific rental needs. Other days, she gets to join in on marketing calls to new and existing accounts with her managers, which helps her learn how to retain existing clients and also how to develop new business. There are also days when she finds herself at one of Enterprise’s head offices, where she’s trained by various department heads in business management, risk management, accounting, and other key areas.

The rotational aspect of the program allows all employees to undertake tasks that managers are responsible for, so that they’ll be able to do them in the future. With a tremendous amount of mentorship from all peers, you are trained to learn all management tasks from the very beginning. “At Enterprise, you will get to be a leader from the very day you join,” Karen says.

“Enterprise looks for candidates with a strong morale and confidence and leadership abilities,” she says. “If you are people-oriented and goal-driven, Enterprise is the place for you!”

2. Your hard work will never go unnoticed.

“Unlike many other companies, Enterprise promotes from within, so hard work will not only reward you with recognition, but also promotion.”

Natalie Gardner
Assistant Manager, Daily Rental
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Scarborough

Natalie Gardner says she began her career at Enterprise after hearing exclusively positive feedback about the company from her classmates that had worked there. “I went to school with a few people that were interns at Enterprise during school who were later promoted to the Management Trainee program after graduation,” she says. “They always had nothing but good things to say about it.”

As a Management Trainee at Enterprise, you’re responsible for providing the excellent service that the Enterprise brand is recognized for. During your training, you’ll focus a lot on administrative and backend duties that are required to manage the business. A Management Trainee’s day-to-day responsibilities include include writing up customer contracts, handling reservations, understanding sales and cost control, and above all, taking ownership.

“Right from the start you are exposed to the ins and outs of daily rental including, sales, service, financials, cost control, loss prevention and everything else that goes into running your own business,” Natalie says.

Natalie says that Enterprise provides ongoing training and resources and fosters a company-wide sense of community. “There has never been a time where I have felt like I wasn’t supported,” she adds.

Everyone at Enterprise, all the way up to the department heads, started in the Management Training Program and has worked their way to the top. Their success stories are a constant reminder to Enterprise employees that their goals are within reach — they just have to put in the work.

“As long as you voice your long term goals your managers, your mentors, and anyone else you know at Enterprise for that matter, they will make sure that they do their best to make it happen for you,” Natalie says.

3. The company is growing rapidly.

“With Enterprise being a growing company with tons of individuals coming from all backgrounds, new grads have an opportunity to contribute fresh ideas to help the business grow by generating creative and strategic plans for growth.”

Jonathan Battick
Assistant Branch Manager
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Toronto Pearson International Airport

Jonathan Battick, an Assistant Manager at Enterprise, was initially interested in the company’s promote-from-within culture. Everybody at Enterprise starts off as a Management Trainee with the chance to prove themselves and earn a promotion to the department of their choosing. “The company is growing and opportunities for promotion always present themselves,” Jonathan says.

One of Enterprise’s mission statements, “We work hard and reward hard work,” has stuck with Jonathan since he first began working with the company. “The very moment you walk through the Enterprise doors you’re immediately indulged in the fast paced and contagious high energy culture. New graduates easily settle in and are quickly exposed to their strengths and weaknesses,” he says. “This is where the opportunity to improve on your skillset presents itself.”

Managers at Enterprise take time out of their day to help Management Trainees develop their skills, whether it’s sales, working under pressure, marketing, or other business areas. The mentorship from all levels of leadership is what sets up Enterprise employees for success.

“What was impressive to me was Enterprise’s dedication to routinely administer training classes on service, leadership, and business acumen,” he says. “These training sessions dig deep to the true fundamentals of business, allowing you to walk away eventually feeling comfortable enough to run your own branch.”

Jonathan says the task for new graduates is to find a company to work for that they can grow with, and that invests in their potential. “The Management Trainee program at Enterprise pours their all into their development of their employees and holds true to one of their eight founding values: take care of your people and customers first, and profits will follow.”

4. You’re empowered to make your own business decisions.

“As a Management Trainee, we are given the power to act on different situations as we choose. We have the ability to market to current and potential accounts as we see fit. We have the ability to make our own business decisions as a ways of preparing us for the positions we will carry in the future.”

Kyle Zardo
Management Trainee
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Barrie

Kyle Zardo, a Management and Organizational Studies graduate, knew he wanted to work at Enterprise because of the positive reputation the Management Training Program has. He wanted to work for a company that cares about the personal and professional development of its employees, and he knew Enterprise would provide him with that.

“They outline the promote-from-within program very thoroughly and help guide their employees along the way,” Kyle says. “In turn, not only are they developing their employees but they are ensuring they will have well-run branches in succession.”

Kyle says that Enterprise employees often have a competitive nature, and seeing tangible results that they have directly impacted fuels that drive. “We see monthly statistics that can compare employees, branches, or areas in many different ways, which not only helps you see where you stand amongst your peers, but it shows which areas you can improve upon,” he says.

He says that many students may not realize that the Management Training Program doesn’t mean you have to work in the daily rental part of Enterprise. There are countless positions and departments that Enterprise employs that a Management Trainee could strive for, and ultimately find themselves in if they choose to put in the effort.

“You don’t have just have one person showing you the ropes,” Kyle says. “At Enterprise, everyone is willing to help out and lend some guidance — we are extremely team oriented.”

For recent grads looking to kickstart a career at a company that will give them access to continuous training in new skills, benefits, rapid advancement, and most importantly, the opportunity to learn how to develop and manage their own businesses, applying to become a Management Trainee at Enterprise proves to be an extremely rewarding option. As these four young professionals have explained, the opportunities and resources you need to succeed at Enterprise are more than plentiful — all you have to do is apply!

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