5 Of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers


One of the best things about growing up in Canada is the diversity and the chance to connect with people from different cultures, orientations, and walks of life.

Acceptance and inclusion are values that resonate with current students and grads, and many employers are highlighting them in their company initiatives. In fact, many have launched innovative programs to show that they’re ahead of the game when it comes to hiring a diverse team.

Here are five top Canadian companies that have taken major steps to diversify their workforce!

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


CMHC is one of the most passionate companies out there when it comes to diversity. They look to support many different minority groups by offering programs and resources that can help them hatch their careers. They even have a diversity committee that plans minority recognition events, considers diverse perspectives for business strategies, and more. To ensure their initiatives are always a priority among upper level management, they appoint a Diversity Champion to drive their key objectives.

Individuals with Disabilities

For differently abled people, finding equal employment opportunities can be challenging. They have varying abilities and skills, which can affect their chances of landing a job. To help address this issue, CMHC manages a program for professionals with Down Syndrome, which involves mentorship, work experience, and opportunities to develop important skills. They’ve also partnered up with INROADS and Ontario March of Dimes to recruit more individuals with disabilities.

New Canadians

This simply refers to recent immigrants, who may not be familiar with our language or customs and may need some time adjusting. CMHC offers a six week work term for new Canadians to get started in their careers.

Check out CMHC’s employer page to learn more about their incredible company!


Accenture is a true advocate for providing a safe and accepting environment for all employees. Everyone has their own unique strengths, and the team at Accenture is all about embracing that to the fullest. For example, they’ve started many initiatives to accommodate various minority groups and make their company a more comfortable place to work.



Individuals in this group are often conflicted about revealing their sexual orientation at work and can sometimes feel like they don’t fit in. To help with this, Accenture’s global LGBT Network provides employees with mentors who help them find a place in the company. They’ve also teamed up with Out & Equal to provide LGBT employees with leadership training to prepare them for career growth opportunities.

On top of that, Accenture also manages a Transgender Portal intranet site, which is a place where transgendered employees can connect and access relevant resources, such as educational opportunities, recognition events, and related multimedia.


Accenture’s recruitment initiatives help to raise employment rates among this demographic. They offer a one year internship program for Aboriginal youth to help them get their careers started – after a year, many of their interns are offered the chance to transition into a full-time position!

Individuals with Disabilities

Accenture recognizes that differently abled individuals have different needs and has taken great strides to ensure their work experience is an amazing one. For instance, they maintain a global disability group that provides various workplace accommodations, relevant newsletters, and mentorships. What’s more? This group currently has over 1,500 members and is growing everyday.

Interested in finding out more about Accenture? Check out their employer page!


Take one look at their employer page, and you’ll see that diversity is a key aspect of KPMG’s work culture. The multinational company aims to create a mentally healthy workplace, build an inclusive culture, and be a leader in supporting minority communities. To show how important this is to their company, their Diversity Council is co-chaired by the CEO and Chief Diversity Officer.

They’ve also taken steps to make diversity a part of every employee’s work experience. All employees must go through a mandatory training program called Diversity in the Workplace, which requires them to complete modules on various relevant topics like problematic attitudes and common issues.


Have you ever noticed the low number of Aboriginal professionals in the Accounting industry? As a major Accounting firm, KPMG strives to change this. They’re strong supporters of the Accounting Mentorship Program, which provides mentors to aspiring Aboriginal accountants. However, KPMG also wants to lend a hand to those studying other fields by offering a scholarship for Business students.

Individuals with Disabilities

A photo by Cristian Newman. unsplash.com/photos/zFnk_bTLApo

Every employee should have access to the environment they need to be successful. Since every individual is unique and two people with the same disability may require different accommodations, KPMG’s Individual Accommodation Plan allows employees to create a plan that addresses their specific needs.


Scotiabank believes that diversity allows every employee to bring something special to the table. By continually hiring professionals from different backgrounds, they hope to grow as a flexible and dynamic company.

There are numerous employee resource groups at Scotiabank, such as the Aboriginal Network, the Diversability Alliance, and Pride. These groups are involved in all sorts of activities – mentorship, workshops, and recognition events, just to name a few.

Individuals with Disabilities


Adapting to a new environment can be tricky, especially for those with learning disabilities. Scotiabank is involved in the Job Opportunity Information Network’s Mentoring Connection Program, which offers four-month long mentorship opportunities for employees with disabilities. This may not seem like a long time, but having someone help you learn the ropes during your early days in a new position can make a world of difference.


Scotiabank understands that many Aboriginals are unable to arrange housing off their reserves and supports the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative. This is an on-reserve program for Aboriginal students which increases access to quality education and allows them to get the background knowledge they need to hatch an amazing career.

Read up on this amazing company on their employer page!

Xerox Canada


With one of the most active executive diversity councils out there, Xerox is definitely a champion of many minority groups. Their council hosts meetings throughout the year to discuss relevant topics, such as workforce representation and the needs of minority groups.

There are also a wide range of different employee resource groups, such as the Women’s Alliance and Galaxe, a group for LGBT individuals. These groups give minority professionals the chance to network, bring together different perspectives, share innovative ideas, and more.

And that’s not all – each year, Xerox gives away over 120 scholarships through their Technical Minority Scholarship Program. Many minority students who may not have the funds to access post-secondary education are now getting the chance to attend university due to their financial aid.


Although Xerox doesn’t have a lot of specific initiatives targeted at one particular group, they are involved with Native Child, which is an agency that helps Aboriginal students find internship opportunities. This way, Aboriginal youth that want a headstart on their career have the option to do so.

For more information, check out Xerox Canada’s employer page!

These are only a handful of the initiatives companies have taken to increase diversity in the workplace. Are you a proponent of any of the groups mentioned? Or maybe you’re a member who can benefit from targeted programs and resources? In any case, if diversity is an important factor in choosing your workplace, you’ll fit right in at any of these companies!

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