My Journey as a TalentEgg Intern


Sarah is one of those people that you get along with instantly.

With a megawatt smile and a bustling, can-do attitude, she’s an incredible team member who’s always ready for a new challenge. As summer slowly sizzles to an end, it’s almost time for Sarah to go back to the University of Ottawa where she’s in her fourth year of Communications. Sarah is continuing to work with TalentEgg as a content contributor to the marketing team while she’s at back at school, but we wanted to ask her about her journey with us so far and any advice she has to offer to students hoping to intern with us one day.

What motivated you to apply to TalentEgg and what was your reaction when you were selected?
It’s funny, I was actually looking for internships through TalentEgg when I came across the position. I’ve always known TE to be an invaluable online resource for students all over the country and quickly decided it was a company I wanted to be a part of. I definitely did that thing where you compulsively check your email and weigh the likelihood of it having crashed or something (and maybe that’s the real reason why nobody’s gotten back to you). When I finally did get the call, I was in the middle of one of my lectures at uOttawa and immediately ran out to answer it after seeing the Toronto area code. It took a while for it to really hit me, but I couldn’t have been more excited to start this journey.

What was your first day like?
I went out for coffee with our Marketing Manager so she could brief me on what my role and responsibilities would be for the summer. I have to say, my excitement multiplied when I found out I’d be learning far beyond what I originally assumed from the job description. The most impactful part of that conversation was when I was told that as I grew in my role here, so would my responsibilities (for the record, that’s exactly what happened). Oh, and going out for a fabulous lunch with the Marketing team didn’t hurt either – it was a great way to meet my new coworkers. They couldn’t have been more sweet and welcoming towards me!

What were the most memorable moments during your internship?
There was a temporary switchover in our social media management. Our coordinator had to shift her focus to some bigger challenges and I was given the opportunity to train and temporarily take over our social media accounts. It taught me so much about social media strategy and analytics that I can now transfer to any future roles I pursue. I can’t put into words how meaningful it was to have the trust and support of the TE management during that time, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have taken on that challenge.

Another amazing memory was our TalentEgg retreat. It was held at a beautiful downtown location and was a perfect way for all of us to spend a little time together outside of the office. More importantly, it was a chance for us to come together and talk about the exciting changes going on at TalentEgg. It was very meaningful to see how much our thoughts and feedback regarding the future of the business were valued.

Do you feel that you’re more confident in your professional goals?
Yes, definitely. Like many students and grads, my professional goals are still very much in the works. But working here definitely gave me a closer look into what companies are looking for from job applicants. I can now better gauge an organization’s needs and use the TalentEgg Incubator to read up on how to impress an employer. So when I start applying for jobs after graduation, I’ll be well equipped.

Do you have a final piece of important advice for anyone considering an internship at TE?
First and foremost, if you are considering an internship with TalentEgg, I strongly encourage you to pursue it. With internships, a complaint you often hear is that people don’t feel useful or important in their roles. At TalentEgg, my days were exciting. I didn’t fetch coffee or scan papers all day – the work I had was stimulating and challenging. More importantly, I knew that I was helping students like myself find their way in a workforce that can – at times – feel overwhelming and intimidating.

On the application process, my advice is to really hone your writing skills and put your best foot forward with your submission article. It’s important because that’s your chance to really “wow” us. I’d even go as far as saying a great submission article could make up for a lack of relevant work experience. Write it, re-read it the next day, and then the next day after that. I promise it will be worth it, because the end result will be something that you’re confident about and sure of. Other than that, we’re looking for passionate and creative people who are willing to learn and adapt quickly to a fast-changing work environment. This role is all about having excitement for what you’re going to be doing. Not only will that help you land the position, but it’ll ensure you succeed in it as well.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us Sarah. We look forward to your continued success as part of the TalentEgg team!