The Five Things Every Freshman Must Do


Leaving home, attending a new school and making new friends?

If this sounds scary to you, you’re probably a freshman nervous to start their first year of university or college.

And those feelings of absolute terror? That’s completely normal. The key is not to let them consume you and to find time to do these five things that will set you up for success not just as a freshman but until you’re a senior on graduation day.

Play An Intramural Sport

Part of the fear of meeting new people comes from thinking that you might not have anything in common. By joining a sport, you eliminate that first hurdle because everyone is there to express their love for that activity. You’ll make new connections, reduce stress, and heighten your focus with every game.

Your time management skills improve dramatically as well because you have to plan ahead to finish up that essay and make it to your match on time. And after you’ve retired your sports jersey, intramural sports will look great on your resume. Need I say more?

Attend School Events

Don’t ignore the e-invites from your school. Do yourself a favour and open them, and better yet, attend the events. Whether they are industry specific or not, they’re a good opportunity to learn something valuable about the world around you. There’s a good possibility you’ll even use the information you get in your chosen profession.

An additional benefit is that these events are often filled with engaged students, faculty and professionals. Just walk in, take a seat and introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. Chances are, they were hoping to meet a student just like you!

Get To Know Your Campus Health and Wellness Centre

Whether you’ve moved to a different province or city for school, the changes that come with being away from home can cause a ton of anxiety and stress. To combat this, most universities and college campuses have a health and wellness office where you can make appointments with a counselor and attend workshops to reduce feelings of negativity.

Alternatively, you can follow them on social media to find out more about upcoming events and the services they offer to students. They’re always trying to reach out to you-don’t hesitate to voice your questions and concerns!

Utilize Your Academic Counsellor

Course selection, adding a class, or shifting your timetable around can be a nightmare to accomplish alone. That is why getting to know your academic counsellor is crucial. They always have your best interests in mind and are essentially the master of all things academic. Even if it’s not mandatory, make an appointment! You might figure out a way to make your academic schedule a hundred times better.


People often seen volunteering as giving up your time for other people. Those who volunteer though, usually see it as the other way around—you get a lot of benefits from volunteering!

Don’t underestimate where a volunteer position can lead you. Just pick a group and sign up—it might be the place you meet your future partner, a career mentor, or build soft and hard skills that can launch your career post-graduation. All in all, keep an open mind and set aside a few hours of your time-the advantages are virtually unlimited!

Each freshman is going to have their own unique experience of university. Doing these five things though, will give you an extra edge to push through tough times and come out on top. Brush away your anxiety and step out of your comfort zone—let life surprise you!