Want To Get Noticed By Employers? Try Blogging


A shocking statistic suggests that only 2% of applicants even make it to the interview level.

Appearing unique to an employer can therefore be quite challenging. If you’re interested in writing, why not start a blog? 80% of employers seek out future employees online before deciding to hire. Having a blog that’s already up and running then can be a good way of persuading an employer to choose you!

A Blog Can Help You Get the Right Attention

When you send out your resume and cover letter, invite future employers to visit your blog. It’ll show off your personality in a way that can’t be done with a cover letter. Many might take a look and give you positive feedback. Moreover, a recruiter could be so impressed with how confidently you talk about professional topics that they might hire you based on your blog!

Show Off Your Portfolio

Use your blog as a way to show off your professional portfolio. Feature your skills, whether they’re in photography, coding, or bird watching. Tell them the story behind your passions and where you want to take them.

Brand Yourself

Be your authentic self. Talk about what you do in your day-to-day and how you’re working towards achieving your professional goals. Touch on challenges and describe how you overcame them. Once an employer visits your blog, it’s your one chance to let them know what your personal brand truly is.

The Best Way to Present Your Blog Effectively

Write Regularly

Set a writing schedule. Even if it’s once a month, keep adding to your blog. A site that is not updated frequently becomes dormant and you don’t want an employer to see that it’s not cared for by you.

Remember Your ‘About Me’ Page

Many people skip over this part and just focus on the blog itself. Your ‘About Me’ page is where you get to tell the world specific details about who you are and what you’re really about. Use it wisely!

Share Your Blog on Social Media

Building an audience for your blog isn’t mandatory. But being able to do so and telling a recruiter how you did it in a cover letter or interview might give you bonus points! To begin, post your blog on your social media sites and ask your friends to share it whenever possible. Even if it’s small, having a subscriber base can really legitimize your work in the eyes of a potential employer.

What Not to Do On Your Blog

Too Many Selfies

Selfies can be a fun way to show off your personality. Just be careful of what kind of images you are posting. If you wouldn’t want your parents to see it, is it appropriate for a future employer? Probably not.

Have Boring Headlines

Headlines are not only important to catch your reader’s attention but help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more traffic you have, the easier it will be for people to find you. Forgetting about SEO can be a lost opportunity to grow your audience and impress employers!

Omitting Contact Information

Ever encountered a contact form? It’s unlikely to encourage an employer to reach out to you. Instead, leave your email address so that if they’d like, recruiters can easily get in touch with you.

It’s always a great time to start a blog and get your message out there. Try it out and it might end up being your ticket to a full-time position!

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