Recruiter Tips: How To Ace The Application Process at NAV CANADA


If you want to take your career to new heights (literally!), then NAV CANADA is the place to be.

There’s no question that this Canadian air navigation service is at the top of its industry in terms of safety, customer service, and technology. Plus, with 40,000 customers and 12 million aircraft movements a year, they are the world’s second-largest air navigation service by traffic volume.

Of course, you likely already knew that if you’re applying to work there. What you might be more curious to learn is how to stand out to their hiring team and land your dream job in aviation. Fortunately, we got to connect with Citlali Romero Ramirez – she works in HR at NAV CANADA and is an integral part of the hiring process in the Atlantic Region.

Want to ‘soar’ through the application process at NAV CANADA? Here’s her expert advice!

Citlali Romero Ramirez
HR Advisor, Atlantic Region

Skills And Strengths

At NAV CANADA, you can feel comfortable knowing that your employer has your best interests in mind.

“We care about our team and we do as much as we can to provide a professional and fulfilling work environment for our employees,” says Citlali. For instance, they offer a variety of career and professional development opportunities and employee assistance programs to ensure their employees have everything they need to succeed.

Employees come from all backgrounds and different specializations, since these diverse roles at NAV CANADA call for different strengths and skills. For example, Air Traffic Services professionals have strong spatial awareness, while Technical Operations personnel have advanced technical skills.

“It’s like putting a puzzle together – you need to really understand where each of the pieces fit together,” explains Citlali.

However, every employee has one important thing in common: they fully embrace the company values of prioritizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

“We’re looking for the right talent,” says Citlali. “We want the best talent across the board.”

Additionally, strong interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills are essential for many of the roles at NAV CANADA. If you lack work experience, Citlali says that volunteer work, sports, and leadership roles in clubs are all great places to develop the skills they’re looking for. Ultimately, if you can demonstrate that you have initiative and a drive to succeed, you’re well on your way to impressing the hiring committee.

Common Mistakes

You could be the perfect candidate, but the following missteps could cost you the job.

1. Lack of preparation

Do you know what type of work NAV CANADA does? Their values, mission, and objectives? If you’re not sure, take some time to review their TalentEgg employer page and website before you head into your interview. Being unprepared demonstrates a lack of interest and professionalism that will definitely make a poor first impression.

“One of the first questions in an interview is always, ‘Why do you want to work for us?’” says Citlali. If you can’t clearly articulate why, your interviewer will question your commitment to the position.

2. A careless cover letter

For Air Traffic Services positions, candidates must write a short essay explaining their interest in the role and why they want to join the NAV CANADA team. Don’t waste this opportunity! This is the perfect chance to really demonstrate your passion for the company.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re a stellar candidate, you still might not get the gig, but don’t get discouraged.

“If you’re not selected for a job, it’s probably because you’re not a good fit for that job,” says Citlali.

Everybody is different and we are all suited to different positions – what matters most is how you learn from the experience. Communication skills need work? Try taking a professional writing course or joining a public speaking club to improve in that area. Lacking in customer service experience? There are plenty of part-time jobs that can help with that!

Just remember: “If you believe that NAV CANADA is the company you want to work for, there are many opportunities available all across the country,” say Citlali.

Want to hatch a career with NAV CANADA? Explore their opportunities on their Employer Page!