Why Summer Classes Are The Worst And How To Survive


So, you’ve decided to sign up for summer classes.

Most of us have been in this situation at one time or another – and for good reason! Summer classes are an egg-cellent way to improve your grades or fortify a university application. There are so many benefits to summer classes, but let’s face it: they can also be challenging. However, if you know what to expect from your summer course, it will make your experience that much better!

Here are some of the less enjoyable parts of summer classes and how to make the best of them!

Less time to socialize with friends


The reality of summer courses is that while all of your friends are making plans for fun weekend trips and concerts, you’ll be spending plenty of quality time with your textbooks. Although it might seem impossible to have fun when you’re missing out on plans with your friends, your summer doesn’t have to be a completely miserable experience.

To help, try…

making friends in your classes. You’re all in this together! If you don’t already know someone, spark up a conversation with a stranger. If you’re shy, just sit next to someone who looks like they could be your potential summer school BFF. Make awkward but friendly eye contact until the 3rd or 4th class when you’ll be assigned group work – instant buds! Not only will this make your time in class more enjoyable, but you’ll perform better on evaluations if you have someone to study with.

Waking up early


One of the fundamental truths of summer school is that class times will never fall when you want them to – just doesn’t happen. There will be early mornings paired with mild cases of sleep deprivation, but you will get through it, I promise!

To help, try…

remembering that the earlier you get there, the earlier you get to leave! The best thing about morning classes is that you still have the whole day ahead of you when you finish. And besides, if you’re only taking a course or two, chances are you’ll only have to wake up early once or twice a week!

It’s just so hot


Every time summer comes around, we ask ourselves just how exactly we survived the year before. Some temperatures can seem unbearable without a pool in your immediate vicinity, and it certainly doesn’t help that Canadian mornings can be so cold. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to this!

To help, try…

layering! Dressing for summer is impossible until you master this simple concept. 10 degrees in the morning? Throw on a cardigan! 30 degrees 1 hour later? Take off the cardigan. Class has air conditioning? You get it … it’s really that simple. Many schools are nice enough to provide air conditioning after charging you thousands of dollars in tuition, so just make sure you’re dressed for both climate zones. If not, just keep a water bottle handy and remember that all things come to an end.

You’re stuck inside


Nobody likes to be inside when it feels like everyone you know has the freedom to roam around outdoors. The sun will feel so close yet so far away, but this can be a good thing!

To help, try…

learning to re-evaluate your love of the outdoors. By this I mean you should stop romanticizing endless amounts of time spent outside. This can be achieved by obsessively googling the dangers of UV rays. If this isn’t a possibility for you, I can tell you that spending a few hours a week inside will help you appreciate being outside so much more, and will stop you from taking sunny days for granted. You’ll be sure to make every second in the sun count and have just as much, if not more, fun than everyone else.

Evaluations sneak up on you faster


With a condensed class schedule, it’s easy to lose track of deadlines and get left behind. Sometimes it’ll seem like you have one major assignment due a week, and no time to complete them!

To help, try…

keeping a comprehensive calendar with important dates and dedicated study time. The key to summer school is staying eggs-tremely organized, especially since the time period is so much shorter. If you stay on top of assignments and homework, this condensed schedule can work to your advantage and allow you to get a course done in a short timespan – but it can also make it easier to fall behind. Review your notes after class and try to get everything handed in as soon as possible.

In all seriousness, summer school is incredibly rewarding and worth the sacrifice. There are also plenty of benefits: smaller classes, a relaxed environment, and fewer assignments, just to name a few. Also, since summer classes are usually condensed, it’ll be over before you know it! Good luck!