Twyla’s Story: How The Chang School Helped A Communications Student Hatch Her Dream Career


As a child, when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, chances are you replied with exciting jobs like, “An astronaut” or “A lion tamer!”

Flash forward a few decades – is this where you are now? Moreover, is this even a job that you still want?

While venturing to space or working with exotic animals might have seemed cool when we were young, our idea of a “dream job” often changes throughout our lives. As you grow professionally and personally, you will develop new talents, and you may want to make a career switch to utilize these skills. If you identify your dream job when you’re already employed, it’s not too late to make a change! For many professionals, enrolling in a continuing education course can help you qualify for your new dream job (just in case becoming a lion tamer didn’t work out).

Twyla Storey
Certificate in Public Relations
The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University

Twyla Storey is a Communications Coordinator and graduate of the Public Relations Certificate program at The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. Like many people who make a career change, Twyla had considerable work experience in her field as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of the Northern Health Manitoba Region. In fact, it was precisely through her work in this role that Twyla identified her new dream job in communications.

For instance, she began to notice that media inquiries and other communications activities were rapidly increasing in her workplace. Twyla’s natural curiosity about these developments led her to recognize an emerging professional opportunity. Soon after, she decided to enrol in a continuing education program so she could pursue a career in communications.

Of course, it’s one thing to enrol in a continuing education program when you live in an urban centre with easy access to reputable higher learning institutions; it’s quite another when you live remotely and must complete your education online.

Based in northern Manitoba, Twyla couldn’t exactly walk down the street and enrol at one of several educational institutions. So, she started researching the best online continuing education programs whose resources and schedule could accommodate her location and current job while still delivering a high-quality learning experience.

After looking into various programs, Twyla realized that The Chang School’s curriculum covered all of the topics she wanted to learn about, and its flexible schedule allowed her to engage in one course at a time, creating an immersive, in-depth learning experience. She also noted that The Chang School is recognized nationally and internationally for its dynamic eLearning platform that democratizes access to continuing education programs.

“Enrolling in continuing education can be challenging given the differences in locations,” says Twyla. “However, my experience has been wonderful so far and and I am learning a lot.”

How can I apply?

Enrolment for most courses at The Chang School is open-admission, providing a convenient opportunity for professional development. Once students have obtained a Ryerson student I.D., they can browse continuing education courses to find one that best suits their interests.

Some Chang School programs may require you to attend an interview or placement assessment to identify the right program for you. Once you’ve checked the course availability, pre-requisites, important dates, fees, and policies, you can enrol online, over the phone, or by mail.

And although it might seem like pursuing education at a distance would hinder the educational experience, especially in regards to networking, this was not the case for Twyla.

When she first decided to enrol in continuing education, working with her peers was part of her motivation. Even as a student learning remotely, Twyla was able to interact closely with her fellow classmates and instructors.

“The instructors were always helpful and supportive,” says Twyla. “They answered any questions I had quickly and efficiently.”

Interested in pursuing continuing education at The Chang School? Consider attending an open house event to learn about programs, admissions, and more!

Alongside the ability to connect with her peers, Twyla’s experience with The Chang School has already made a positive impact on her current career. Despite learning from a distance, Twyla was still able to gain hands-on experience that helped her stand out in her position.

“The lessons that I have learned in my first two courses have helped me with situations I face every day in my job,” she says.

In fact, Twyla developed strong communications skills so quickly that she was promoted before she had even finished her courses, fusing her academic education with hands-on experience.

Twyla’s story is an inspiring example of how your dream job is never too far away or out of reach. She allowed her passion for communications and a strong work ethic to take the lead and was able to qualify for her new dream job, thanks to The Chang School’s online programs.

“My experience so far has been very exciting,” says Twyla. “I have been very busy, but I am learning quickly and loving it!”

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