4 Reasons Why You Should Try Working Remotely


Do you dream of spending your workday in your living room wearing pyjamas?

With more and more companies offering employees the opportunity to work remotely instead of in an office, making that dream a reality is easier than you think! Whether it’s your kitchen or a coffee shop, remote work provides a lot of flexibility compared to more traditional jobs.

Don’t let the shift in industry practices intimidate you – this kind of setup offers plenty of benefits.


Forget about strict dress codes – when you’re working remotely, you’ll have a lot more freedom with your daily outfits because you’ll be able to choose your own work environment. For example, on Tuesday, you could stretch out at home and on Thursday, you could set up shop in a local cafe.

Plus, with this added flexibility comes the chance to hone your time management skills. Are you a night owl who performs best in the late hours before midnight? Working remotely will help you take advantage of this. Do you have roommates and volunteer work in the middle of the day? Try to schedule your day around potential distractions and other commitments so you’re still able to produce top-quality work.

A change of scenery

If you’ve ever thought that the 9-5 workday in an office seemed uneventful, a remote work environment will present you with many opportunities for adventure. Since most times, all you will need is a laptop and a good WiFi connection, you can work from virtually anywhere.

This flexibility to pick your own work environment not only allows you to utilize where and how you work best, it also opens the door to other possibilities. For instance, if you love to travel, you could make plans to work from a different city for awhile – just make sure you have this approved by your boss before you book those tickets.

Hone Your Communication Skills

Strong communication is crucial for success in any career, and is especially important for those who work remotely. Just because you’re not in the same space, doesn’t mean you won’t need to communicate with your boss, coworkers and clients as frequently. In fact, you’ll probably have to communicate more to ensure your work is on track.

In this way, being in a remote work environment provides you with the opportunity to really develop your communication skills because you’ll need to learn how to utilize many different tools – email, telephone, Skype, online chat, and video conferencing. You’ll come to understand which tools are most effective to convey information, problem solve, brainstorm, and hold meetings.

Broadening Your Horizons

A major benefit of remote work is that it allows you to have flexibility and create a schedule that enables you to pursue other interests. Does the local soup kitchen need afternoon volunteers? Not a problem for those who work remotely. Are you hoping to take a yoga class before noon twice a week? Check with your employer to see if you can alter your work schedule on those days so you’re able to attend. Being able to pursue interests outside of your career will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance, which will contribute to your overall health and well-being.

A remote position could lead you to an amazing career, and who knows, you may never want to work in a traditional office setting again. Next time you’re sending out resumes, keep this in mind!

About the author

Jacqueline Martinz graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2008 with an honours bachelor of arts in English and Global Studies. She has written for The Globe and Mail's Canadian University Report Card 2011, Metro, The Toronto Star's Speak Your Mind blog and CTV News Channel. When she isn't writing, Jacqueline enjoys playing the piano, sailing, and exploring Toronto.