Want To Advance Your Career In The Insurance Industry? Here’s Some Advice


Insurance is a fast-paced industry that’s constantly changing and growing. However, no matter how much the field evolves, there are certain qualities that every Insurance professional needs for success.

Whether you’re an Underwriter or a Broker, there are key skills you’ll need to develop if you want to take your Insurance career to the next level. They will help you stand out to your employer, boost your professional relationships, and contribute to your personal development.

Do you think you have what it takes to egg-cel in this industry? Check out our list below!

Communication Skills

Many roles in Insurance are client-facing, which means strong communication skills are essential. For example, if you’re a Broker, a big facet of your role is advising clients and helping them navigate the process of filing a claim or choosing a policy. Being an effective communicator is critical to maintaining rapport with existing customers as well as for attracting new clients to your company.

Even if you’re not in client-facing role, these types of abilities are still important. For instance, Risk Managers need to collaborate with third-party service providers in order to manage claims and loss control activities. To start building these skills early, make it a priority to network with senior employees at your organization and learn from their example.

“Over my decade in the industry, I have come to realize insurance professionals are all about helping people.”
Robert Caldwell
Regional Claims Supervisor


The Insurance industry is made up of professionals with a variety of skills who all need to work together in order to achieve organizational goals. It can be challenging to collaborate with such a diverse range of people, as different departments don’t necessarily operate in the same way. Therefore, if you want to climb that Insurance career ladder, you need to be team-oriented.

Being a good team player means working closely and effectively with others. This may sound simple, but there are many things to consider. Being part of a team means you need to listen to and consider the opinions of others while ensuring your message is being delivered clearly and effectively. Flexibility and cooperation are also key in a group setting, as is the ability to build rapport with your coworkers. Whether you’re connecting with a client or a colleague, it’s crucial that you know how to get along with different folks and produce top-notch work!

“You have to lean on the knowledge of other experts. You have to know how to network and come out of your shell and really hone in on your people skills.”
Karen Jarvis-Adams
Risk Management Specialist

Willingness to learn

There are a number of factors – including technology and climate change – that have contributed to the ever-shifting landscape of the Insurance industry, and it continues to evolve every day. For new grads to succeed in this career path, it’s important to stay on top of the industry’s latest developments.

To make yourself a more well-rounded professional, seek outside training and professional certification courses. Many Insurance employers prioritize their employees’ development by supporting their education – take advantage of this! It will put you on the fast track to career growth.

“There are so many additional courses and so many avenues you can take to continue your education. It makes you marketable and a better candidate for promotion or transfer within the industry.”
Jason Foroglou
Agency Manager


From meeting with clients to working closely with colleagues, Insurance professionals are always juggling a lot of different responsibilities. However, even with their busy schedules, they manage to successfully achieve goals and meet deadlines.

Whether you’re an underwriter, a broker, or a marketing representative, you’ll probably have a number of projects and portfolios to work on at any given time. Insurance professionals understand how their role fits within the larger structure of the organization and the impact that their work has on both their teammates and customers. Employees who produce great results on a regular basis are sure to get noticed!

At the end of the day, the Insurance industry is all about relationships. From your clients to your colleagues, how you conduct yourself can have a big impact on your career success. Make time to develop these skills – they will help open the doors to some egg-citing opportunities in the future!

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