An Inside Look At The Sales Onboarding Process At EF Educational Tours [VIDEO]


Career-driven students and grads are looking for employers that offer the whole package: amazing work culture, room for upwards mobility, and support for professional development.

EF Educational Tours is one of those companies. They’re known for their investment in young professionals, particularly in their sales department. In fact, EF’s tour consultants undergo an extensive 4-week onboarding and training program which allows them the opportunity to sharpen their skills and get acquainted with their work values and expectations. This allows them to maximize their efforts in their role, as they connect teachers and education workers with egg-citing learning programs abroad.

“The great thing about [the training program] is that it brings together these individuals who are all starting together, and creates a strong support network that will continue throughout your career,” says Tegan Dobell, a Tour Consultant at EF Educational Tours.

Do you have what it takes to join EF’s team? If so, explore their employment opportunities here!