Pursuing A Career In Agriculture? Here Are 4 Must-Have Apps For You!


There are many ways new grads can prepare themselves for a career in Agriculture.

You can enroll in a college or university program related to the field, connect with industry professionals, and intern with companies you aspire to work for one day. There are also other resources you can use on the side to help you get ahead your career. For example, did you know there are apps designed specifically for the Agriculture industry?

From organizational tools to dictionaries, here are 4 must-have apps for students and new grads.


The Agriculture industry uses a lot of highly specialized equipment to make farming practices easier. And if you’re working with these tools, you need to keep track of a lot of information – how many machines you have, when they’re due for oil changes, and when a piece of equipment needs to be replaced, for instance.

Fortunately, the TractorPal app is perfect for young farm workers looking to stay organized and excel on the job. Firstly, the app is able to keep an inventory of all your machinery and farming equipment by serial number, purchase date, and picture so you can easily determine which machines you need to buy or replace. It can also tell you when something is due for maintenance with it’s service reminder feature, where you can receive notifications that remind you to change a filter or replace a machine.

DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture News

The Agriculture industry is constantly growing and changing due to environmental differences. For this reason and many others, it’s important for Agricultural professionals to stay up-to-date on local and global trends. For those working in the field, knowing the latest climate trends can impact planting decisions. This information is also helpful for those working on the business end of the industry – for instance, it can help companies determine what crops will be in highest demand from consumers.

The DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture News app is a great tool for new grads entering the Agriculture industry. The app features everything from current industry news to business tips and tricks and even specialized machinery reviews that can help young professionals learn more about the industry and how it works.

Agriculture Glossary

Most new grads entering the workforce struggle to pick up the unfamiliar industry jargon. Don’t worry – after a few years, you’ll know almost every term that gets thrown your way! But as a young professional, you will need to spend some time learning the basics.

The Agriculture Glossary app is the perfect way for new grads to brush up on their industry jargon. This app features over 1,300 common Agriculture terms and allows you to add notes and audio recordings to remind yourself of unique pronunciations and quick definitions. Another great feature of the app is that you can search for terms offline, which is great for when you’re on the go.

My Account Manager

The Agricultural industry is more than working in the fields. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities for young business professionals to get involved in Agriculture. Furthermore, graduates with a background in Accounting or Finance will find that there are many apps that can help them manage Agriculture companies.

For example, My Account Manager is an egg-cellent resource for organizing a company’s finances.This tool can do everything from creating and storing invoices, to receiving and paying bills directly from the app. You can also log into your account from the web, which means you can access your business files from almost anywhere.

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