5 Dating Tips To Use In Your Next Interview


What do dating and job interviews have in common? A lot more than you think!

From making preparations to clarifying your goals, many of the tips you’ve been given for a first date can actually be transferred to an interview.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve done a round-up of all the ways your love life can help you land your next position!

Be true to yourself

It might seem like obvious advice, but this is often one of the hardest things to do when you’re nervous and have a million things running through your head. Even so, showing an interviewer your personality will allow them to see who you really are. You want to make sure you get a job that fits you, and the employer wants the candidate that’s best suited for the position, so stop mulling over what you “think” the employer wants and be confident in the fact that who you are is good enough.


Know what you’re looking for

Before you can really convince someone to invest their time (and money) into you, you have to know exactly what you want. It’s completely normal for this to change over time as you learn and grow from different experiences, but having an idea of what you want in a job or potential employer is critical to your success and happiness. It’s just like searching for that “first spark” on a date – if it’s not there during your interview, it’s okay to acknowledge that this opportunity or workplace isn’t right for you.


Keep your options open

After one date or interview, it can be hard to know if you’ve found “the one.” Try not to get too hung up on the outcome of that first meeting and put all your eggs in one basket. Ask the questions you need to evaluate the opportunity or person objectively, but also be open to experiencing and learning about what else is out there. Good employers understand that there’s a good chance you will also be exploring other opportunities until they commit to you/offer you the job.

Do your research

Unless you’re going on a blind date, it’s best to know a bit about the person before grabbing that coffee. Perhaps you might ask a friend about their interests, or look them up on social media. The same goes for employers – learning about the interviewer and the company shows that you’re not only prepared, but also that you’re invested and interested in them. A potential employer will be able to tell if you’re knowledgeable about what they do and how you fit into their business, and will appreciate your enthusiasm.


Focus on developing a relationship

Whether it’s a short or long term relationship, it’s important to build rapport and be genuine. Don’t focus on what you can get out of them – instead, analyze if it’s a good fit for both of you. Employers won’t be offended if it turns out that it’s not the right job for you. Take the time to really get to know them and the company, and if at the end of the day you don’t feel like this opportunity is going to work out, be honest and explain why. Honesty really is the best policy.

It’s funny when you realize that these pieces of dating advice can actually be applied to something completely different, such as finding a career you enjoy going to every day. Use these tips to help you ace your next job interview (or your next date)!