Industry Jargon: Mining Edition


Being fluent in your target profession’s language will help you egg-cel in any job.

If you’re new to the Mining industry, you should be familiar with the industry lingo before going into an interview and ultimately, before entering the workforce. Not only will it help you impress the recruiter, it will also help you ease into the work environment more smoothly.

To help you brush up on your vocabulary, here are the top industry terms and buzzwords you need to know.

Adit – A horizontal opening in the side of a mountain or large hill that provides access to an underground mineral deposit.

E.g. “Mines with adits can partially drain themselves with the help of gravity.”

Agglomeration – The method used to concentrate valuable materials (e.g. coal), based on their adhesion properties.

E.g. “We need to agglomerate these pieces to make them larger and easier to handle.”

Black damp – A mixture of gases (usually carbon dioxide and nitrogen) that is toxic to inhale; it is found commonly in old or unventilated coal mines.

E.g. “This mine hasn’t been opened in years, so we need to watch out for black damp.”

Colliery – Another term for coal mine; it includes all the equipment used to mine.

E.g. “The size and structure of colliery shafts differ depending where they are located.”

Gallows frame – The wooden or steel scaffold at the top of a mine shaft that carries the hoisting rope; also known as the headframe.

E.g. “The gallows frame needs to be secure so it can support the extracted materials.”

Grizzly – A screening device that is placed over the top of a chute or ore pass to help stop large pieces of rock or ore that may obstruct the path.

E.g. “Can you make sure the grizzly is set up? We don’t want the path to get blocked.”

Haulageway – The underground entry designed to transport workers, equipment, or any extracted material, usually using a belt conveyor.

E.g. “You can use the haulageway to move any equipment in or out of the mine.”

Muck – A term for the leftover debris after blasting a rock.

E.g. “Watch out for the muck the coal leaves behind, you don’t want to get it in your eyes.”

Winze – The passageway that connects tunnels that are at different levels.

E.g. “We’ll need a winze to connect the east and west sides of the tunnel.”

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