3 Ways To Hatch A Career In Mining


After finishing college or university, it can be challenging to figure out where your knowledge and skills fit best.

Depending on your degree and your level of experience, you probably have many different fields to choose from. However, if you want to work in a fast-paced and innovative field, you should consider a career in Mining. This egg-citing industry has a variety of opportunities for all kinds of graduates. From labour roles to business management, you’ll be sure to find the right place for you in this multifaceted field.

Ready to get cracking? Here are the top 3 career paths for new grads in Mining!


Mining is a great place for any aspiring Engineer to hatch his or her career. No matter your specialty, Engineers are primarily responsible for solving problems in the most beneficial and cost-effective way. In the Mining industry, they are especially important because they ensure on-the-job safety and efficiency, and they are required to collaborate with a number of different departments – in other words, Engineers are key to the successful execution of Mining projects.

For example, a Mechanical Engineer may work with a Mining Engineer to solve maintenance issues with production equipment. An Electrical Engineer may test equipment or communication systems and make improvements so the company can work more efficiently. While the industry is always looking for Mining Engineers to work on-site, students with degrees in Electrical, Mechanical, and Process Engineering also have bright futures in the industry.


Students with degrees in Geology are also in high demand for their knowledge of the Earth’s physical properties. Many Mining companies hire specialized geologists to apply the principles of earth science to their projects in order to improve their processes.

For example, Mining Geologists often use special tools to locate valuable materials in the earth. This information can then be used to help Mining Engineers extract rocks and minerals from mines in a profitable and environmentally friendly way.

Geologists are also sought after in the Mining industry for their knowledge and attention to detail. Once materials are extracted, they are responsible for examining their quality and impact on the environment. For example, a Mining Geologist may determine that by extracting certain materials, the ground would be unable to support structures, which is important for the company to know.


For grads with degrees outside of applied sciences, there are still careers available to you within the Mining industry. Companies in this field – like many others – rely on basic business principles to thrive, so young professionals in this field have many opportunities to get involved.

Employers in the Mining industry look for qualified individuals to fill roles in business analysis, management, and administration to ensure their companies run smoothly. Having workers with these business skills is important because they can collaborate with other workers to improve the company’s processes.

For instance, finance grads can support company profits by creating budgets and analyze return on investment. Marketing grads develop communication and creative thinking skills which can help them lead sales initiatives and prepare marketing plans for the company. Lastly, business management grads can enter the industry and work towards managing teams and optimizing business strategies.

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