3 Apps Every Young Mining Professional Needs


In this day and age, there’s an app for everything!

Whether you want to be informed or entertained, there are apps designed to fulfill all kinds of needs. Over the past decade, they have even started popping up the work environment, with many industries creating their own mobile apps to help employees perform better on the job.

If you’re a recent graduate trying to pursue a career in the Mining industry, make sure you check out these three apps.

Mining News

mining news appStaying on top of the latest trends is important in every industry. Especially as a recent graduate, it’s important to show recruiters that you have a strong knowledge and passion for the industry.

The Mining News app is an egg-cellent tool for young professionals looking to develop their international knowledge of the Mining industry. The app features major news headlines about industry events and updates on the major mining companies across the globe. It also covers information related to developments in exploration and key mining regions, giving graduates a 360 degree view of the industry

Glossary of Mining & Geological Terms

glossary mining appEvery industry has its own glossary of terms which professionals need to know in order to perform well on the job, and Mining is no different. For example, you don’t want to be that new grad who stares blankly at your boss when they ask you to get the coal out from the haulageway.

The Glossary of Mining & Geological Terms app is a helpful resource for graduates who are about to start their first job on a Mining site. This app contains over 1300 mining related-terms, which can help young professionals brush up on their industry jargon. It’s also available for both tablets and smartphones, so young professionals can look up important terms on the go.

3M Safety App

3m safety appSafety is a big concern for any industry. For businesses that rely heavily on technology, there needs to be a strong focus on technological security to keep internal information protected. For industries that are more labour-driven like Mining, promoting on-site safety is key.

The 3M Safety App was developed to ensure employers are best protected on the job. The app starts off by prompting the user to answer a series of questions about the work they do – this gives it a general idea of the possible safety hazards they may face. Then the app helps you build your own “safety kit” by telling you what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you need. This is a great way for recent graduates to ensure they have the proper gear for working on site.

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