4 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Be A TalentEgg Awards Judge


On the hunt for a unique opportunity to add to your resume? Look no further!

If you’re a student, then we want you for our eggs-clusive TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Awards judging panel.

You’re probably thinking: what are the TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Awards? Essentially, they recognize the egg‑cellent work in Canadian campus recruitment. With categories like “Best Campus Career Website” and “Best Co-op/Internship Program,” they celebrate employers and organizations within the industry and recognize their achievements over the past year.

Our prestigious student judging panel will be tasked with examining the submissions and ultimately determining the winners. Employers will also benefit from valuable student feedback regarding their campus recruitment initiatives.

So what does this mean for you? There’s a lot to be gained from serving on our judging panel. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should apply!

1. Gain experience

laptop womanFrom science and technology, to communications and consulting, almost every career path requires critical thinking and analysis. Serving in our elite TalentEgg Awards student judging panel will give you the opportunity to analyze and draw conclusions on some of the most sophisticated recruitment campaigns in the country.

2. Let your voice be heard

tin can mouthThis is your chance to share your thoughts on how employers recruit top students and grads. With the TalentEgg Awards as your platform, your opinion will have a powerful impact, as your work will directly influence the future campus recruitment efforts of major organizations.

3. Learn about top employers and career options

man in front of buildingStill not sure about which industry is right for you? Your analysis will delve deep into the campus recruitment campaigns of Canada’s top employers, allowing you to learn about the organizations and the career opportunities available for students and new graduates. You’ll also learn about their recruitment tactics and goals for their organization, which will help you become a more informed and competitive professional!

4. Get noticed

man on rockThe list of students on the judging panel, including your name, program, (expected) graduation year, college or university, and email address, will be made available to all participating employers. Many of our student judges feature this experience on their resume and LinkedIn account as well. What a great way to impress potential employers!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Then head to TalentEggAwards.ca and get cracking on your application!