Career Growth At TJX Canada: What New Grads Can Expect


Growth comes in all shapes and sizes at TJX Canada.

This organization has proven time and time again how invested they are in the professional development of students and new graduates. From training opportunities to mentorship, they have created a space where aspiring professionals can learn and thrive.

Cori Hooker, Bradley Dixon, and Kristina Marciello work in vastly different roles at TJX Canada. However, they all agree that they have been given amazing opportunities to advance in their careers.

Cori Hooker: Climbing the career ladder

“It’s all about what you put in. If you’re curious and passionate, there’s endless opportunity for growth.”
Cori Hooker
Associate Planner at TJX Canada

Cori says she has always loved fashion. From blogs to Instagram, she loves keeping up with the latest trends. So when she came across an opportunity to work as an Allocation Analyst with TJX Canada, she jumped at the chance.

“I had always been a customer at TJX stores, but I had never thought it could become my career,” says Cori. “The recruiters I met were absolutely amazing, and they gave me information on the culture and available positions.”

Today, Cori is excelling in her role in the organization and loving every minute of it. In only two years, she has worked her way up from an Allocation Analyst to an Associate Planner. She loves the fact that each day brings a new set of challenges, whether it’s determining sales forecasts, working with buyers, or deciding which products to ship to their stores.

“As an Analyst, I had to be a lot more detail-oriented,” says Cori. “I was looking at the product, the performance, and the execution of the strategy. When I became an Associate Planner, I had to keep reminding myself to think on a high level.”

Cori says that almost anyone can find success at TJX Canada. The organization is constantly growing and evolving, providing new challenges for its employees each day. She encourages individuals with curiosity and genuine passion for the business to apply themselves to their roles.

“That excitement and passion is critical,” says Cori. “Your can always learn hard skills, but it’s much easier to progress when you love what you do. You put in the extra effort when you care.”

Bradley Dixon: From co-op to career

“TJX Canada has a great corporate culture. They celebrate the accomplishments of the employees… there’s lots to look forward to when you come in every day.”
Bradley Dixon
System Business Analyst at TJX Canada

Bradley’s career path wasn’t always clear-cut. After completing a degree in Political Studies, he spent the next few years teaching abroad. Then he switched gears and went back to school – this time at Sheridan College for their Systems Analyst program.

This decision would eventually lead him to a career at TJX Canada. Bradley experienced the company first-hand as a co-op student, where he got to know their operations, company culture, and values.

“The co-op program is so beneficial for students because you can get a taste of the company and how they do things,” says Bradley. “They offer you opportunities to get your hands dirty with projects.”

After he completed his program, Bradley found work with a different company and started putting his newly-acquired skills to use. However, after hearing about a job opportunity at TJX Canada, he immediately applied and landed his new role as System Business Analyst.

Professional development at TJX Canada

TJX Canada is committed to internal growth and helping their employees succeed! Here are a few of the ways they support students and grads:

  • Training programs. In addition to the 5-week classroom-style training, employees are encouraged to take online training courses to continue their development.
  • Mentorship. TJX Canada has a very open and collaborative culture. It’s very common for managers to sit down and discuss career development with students and grads.
  • Job shadowing. Students or grads who are interested in exploring different areas of the business are encouraged to speak up! Job shadowing a professional in a different part of the organization can help with their understanding of the business as a whole.

On a day-to-day basis, Bradley supports the merchandise and planning departments with their software applications. He also helps other teams with larger projects, which keeps his work interesting and exciting. His favourite part about his job is seeing the impact his work has on the business.

“In retail, you really get to see the fruits of your labour,” says Bradley. “I know I can go into any one of our stores and see how I’m helping the company do better.”

Kristina Marciello: Achieving confidence

“For students who have never been in a leadership role before, I encourage them to apply to TJX Canada. There’s so much support within the company, and each day they’ll learn something they didn’t know before. ”
Kristina Marciello
Assistant Manager of Merchandise at TJX Canada

Kristina completed her degree in fashion and business management at Humber College, and connected with the TJX Canada Campus Recruitment team at a networking event shortly after graduation. She was immediately struck by how the company culture aligned with her own personal values.

After a series of interviews, she began her career at TJX Canada as an Assistant Manager of Merchandise. Stationed in a Winners store in Mississauga, she is now responsible for almost all aspects of merchandise in her location. From overseeing delivery to deciding where it’s placed in the store, Kristina says she’s constantly making decisions that impact the business. But she also says she’s never without support.

“My colleagues and managers help me feel empowered in my role,” says Kristina. “Even the District Manager and my colleagues at the Home Office treat you like a family member.”

3 tips for success at TJX Canada
  • Keep an open mind. Kristina says that everyone in the company brings new and unique ideas to the table. In order to make the best decisions, it’s important to listen and collaborate.
  • Be flexible. Cori says that working at TJX Canada is different every day, and that it’s important to embrace change. There is never one right answer so be prepared to problem solve.
  • Ask questions. Bradley says TJX Canada’s business is incredibly unique, and it’s natural as a new hire to feel a bit confused. Take advantage of learning opportunities and soak in as much information as you can!

Even though she’s been in her role a relatively short time, Kristina says that her experiences at TJX Canada have helped her develop the confidence to present new ideas and execute her own strategies. She says she has grown as a professional, and she has gained skills that will only benefit her in her career.

“I’m able to carry myself confidently,” says Kristina. “When I am visited by managers and executives from the Home Office, I’m able to talk to my business and explain why my numbers are the way they are. I feel more capable in my professional life now.”

Egg-cited to start your career with TJX Canada? Learn more about their opportunities here!