New Grads: Things To Consider If You’re Thinking Of Going Back To School


“What’s next?” That’s one of the many questions students and grads have on their minds.

In today’s competitive job market, many young professionals are looking beyond their Bachelor’s degrees to find their dream jobs. But going to grad school can be quite eggs-pensive. So, is going back to school after graduation really the best route?

The two R’s: reflect and research

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It is important to make time to figure out what you want. What are you passionate about? What interests you? Are you happy with the direction of your current program? Do you feel a different industry or path might be better for you?

Research is also a critical part of this stage. Every grad program has both general and specific qualifications required for admission, including your GPA and recommendation letters. Would you want to stay in Canada or go abroad for graduate studies? Know your options so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Make good use of available resources


As a millennial, you are surrounded by countless tools to help you decide what your next step is. Almost all university and college campuses have career centres full of amazing counsellors just waiting to help you create a career plan.

There are many online resources you can use as well. TalentEgg is one of the best places for students and grads to eggs-plore – we have great career-related articles to help you decide what path to take.

Know that your options aren’t limited


Many young people want to continue their education because of the lack of experience on their resume or for the mere fact they aren’t ready to give up their time learning as a student. If you didn’t meet the requirements for admission to a graduate program, have no fear! Other options are here.

For example, post-grad certificate programs are a stellar idea for people who want a more interactive learning experience for a year. They are catered toward specific industries and they usually come with one co-op term, which is great for networking and gaining applicable skills for your career.

At the end of the day, there is no one path to post-graduate education. Do your research, reflect on your interests, and explore your options to find the perfect program for you.