Eat Well On A Budget: 5 Ways Students & Grads Can Beat The 3 P.M. Slump


Remember when you actually looked forward to 3 p.m.?

Whether it was the end of your school day or the time of your mid-day nap, 3 p.m. probably meant something a lot different when you were a kid. But now that you’re a fully grown career professional, it means the time of the day where your energy, focus, and motivation is tested the most.

When you’re a new career professional, you want to make a great impression every day. You’re the first one at the office and the last to leave, you jump at every task with unbridled enthusiasm, and you do it all without ever losing your smile. But this all becomes infinitely harder when you have to fight through the 3 p.m. wall in the afternoon.

Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, power through a weekday crash by planning ahead. Preparing some healthy snacks ahead of time will help you keep your energy up, without sacrificing your healthy diet or budget.

Here are some easy (and cheap!) ways interns can beat the mid-afternoon slump.

Buy fresh produce at the market.

farmers market (1280x854)Heading to the farmer’s market offers a ton of variety and the freshest produce and meats you can find. Mostly everything there is in season, which means better quality and more nutrient-dense produce. For the best bang for your buck, buy in bulk and freeze fruits and vegetables to get creative with later. Having a full freezer also means you don’t need to head back to the market every day, so you’ll save travel time.

Become an avid reader of flyers

Especially when it comes to grocery shopping, checking store flyers in advance can help you spot the best deals. One of the fastest ways to search through flyers is to download an app like Flipp where you can quickly check the deals for a variety of stores. Additionally, being able to compare store prices in advance will save you from having to make multiple trips!

Make a list

Making a list is the best way to eliminate impulse buys and wasting money at the cash register. It’s best to start working on a list while you run through the flyers. Remember, you are a shopper on a mission. Make every penny count!

Make meals ahead of time

Going through the flyer and making your list will also allow you to plan your meals ahead of time. Prepping meals keeps you eating healthy all week, and will also give you a more organized fridge, which is the best way to see what you need and don’t need to put on your next shopping list.

Buy cheaper proteins

eggs (1280x857)Buying inexpensive proteins like legumes and eggs is a great way to cut costs and eat healthier. Beans, nuts, and even tofu are all good sources of protein, and can be used as the star of a meal or as a side.

Now you’re ready to tackle every 9 to 5 and beyond with more energy, and healthier choices!