Students & New Grads: The Hidden Benefits of Learning How to Create Short-Form Video Content


These days, it’s nearly impossible to go online without encountering some kind of short-form video – whether it’s a corporate advertisement or a compilation of napping puppies.

The rise of smartphones and easy to use point-and-shoot cameras has led to an immense spike in the popularity of video as a tool for communication and means of sharing information. Platforms like YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat have made it possible for almost anyone to share their creations with friends and the public. Businesses and companies are realizing the value of using short-form video to sell products or promote services and it is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill.

Besides adding to your toolbox of practical skills, here are some more of the hidden benefits of learning how to create snappy short-form videos.

You learn how to capture and keep people’s attention.

Videos present narratives in a way that requires minimal mental effort on the part of the watcher. As a result, individuals increasingly turn to video as a resource for both information and entertainment. Additionally, similar to songs and written content, videos also need a good opening hook. Learning what it takes to capture people’s attention and how to craft captivating stories through short-form video can help you create engaging content in all facets of life.

You learn how to be concise.

Individuals in the digital age are constantly being bombarded with all kinds of media so content today needs to be short and sweet. Short-form video production emphasizes the importance of making good decisions when filming and editing by only using footage that really benefits the end product. Consistent practice in creating short-form video builds up skills that enable you to create content that really packs a punch and utilizes every second.

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You connect with diverse communities.

By creating and sharing your work online, you are sure to encounter diverse communities of creators and consumers. This exposure can help keep you updated on all kinds of trends ranging from how the videos are being filmed and edited, to what kind of content is being produced. It also allows you access to feedback and an opportunity to look back at your collection of work and see personal growth.

You encourage creativity and innovation.

Typically, short-form video production happens very quickly. This allows you to create tons of varied content with minimal effort. The accessibility and ease of shooting a video with your phone and uploading it straight to Instagram allows you to quickly innovate to make the next one more creative, and the next even more creative. Additionally, the satisfaction gained from pumping out lots of content often helps to maintain motivation to keep creating!

In this age, you no longer need to have a fancy expensive camera or years of experience to make great engaging video content! Making short-form video is an easy and accessible way to help you grow as a creator and can act as a new means of making and storing precious memories. The possibilities are nearly endless and the benefits of learning the skill are widely applicable in both your career and your personal life.