Training & Mentorship: How Reynolds & Reynolds Sets New Grads Up For Success


Think your education stops after graduation? Not at Reynolds & Reynolds.

For this leading technology company in the automotive industry, learning is pretty much part of the job description. From classroom and on-the job training to online courses, the company is committed to keeping its employees motivated and intellectually challenged.

To get some more insight into the training and mentorship opportunities at Reynolds & Reynolds, we went straight to the source and asked 4 new grads to share their experiences.

Read on to see how Reynolds & Reynolds helped them hatch their careers!

Ariel Norman

Ariel Norman
System Sales Trainee/Account Manager Trainee
Reynolds & Reynolds

As a System Sales Trainee/Account Manager Trainee at Reynolds & Reynolds, Ariel Norman has had the chance to explore two different roles at the company.

“For the first year, I worked with the customer training department to teach our customers how to use the Reynolds software. For the second year, I learned the Reynolds sales process and prepared to manage my own territory of accounts,” says Ariel.

The recent Carleton commerce grad was attracted to the company’s competitive opportunities for millennials, but knew she had a lot to learn about the field.

“I did not have a lot of automotive industry experience when I started this job, which made learning about all the functionalities of the Reynolds software confusing at times,” says Ariel.

But thanks to the thorough training process, Ariel gained the knowledge she needed in no time. For example, she cites the company’s “role-play” style courses as one of the keys to helping her learn about the different departments of a car dealership.

In addition to the company’s online and offline training, Ariel is also a fan of Reynolds & Reynolds mentorship program. “We meet with our mentors in the Mississauga office to learn from their years of experience in the field and we have on-the-job training where we shadow our mentors in the field,” says Ariel.

Overall, the incredible support from Reynolds & Reynolds has given Ariel more confidence in herself and her abilities.

“Reynolds has brought out a higher level of customer service from me,” says Ariel.

Tim Kavanaugh

Tim Kavanaugh
Customer Training Representative
Reynolds & Reynolds

With his love of cars and technology, Tim Kavanaugh felt that a role with Reynolds & Reynolds would be a great fit. Now just under 6 months into his role as a Customer Training Representative, his experience has far exceeded his initial expectations.

“Even before I was hired, Reynolds and Reynolds had already impressed me with their thorough recruitment process.” says Tim. “After being hired, I quickly learned that the training process at Reynolds and Reynolds was even more impressive than their recruiting!”

To prepare for their new jobs, Reynolds & Reynolds’ trainees spend time in dealerships watching their more experienced co-workers in action to better understand how car dealerships operate. The company also offers online classes and “Reynolds University” classroom sessions held in Dayton, Ohio at the company headquarters.
As a Customer Training Representative, Tim visits different car dealerships to teach Reynolds & Reynolds customers how to use their software.

“My favourite part about working at Reynolds and Reynolds is the variety my position offers,” says Tim. “There really isn’t a typical day. One day you could be onsite at a car dealership training customers, and the next you might be in the office doing follow-up work or preparing for your next dealer visit.”

In just a short amount of time, Tim has gained a ton of knowledge about the automotive industry and developed valuable interpersonal and time management skills. He’s happy with his new career and looks forward to advancing within the organization.

“Reynolds and Reynolds feels like a company you can stick with for your entire career.”

Alexander Canclini

Alexander Canclini
Software Implementation Representative
Reynolds & Reynolds

Alexander Canclini never saw himself working at a software company. The University of Waterloo grad was teaching overseas when a friend came across a Reynolds & Reynolds job posting.

“There was teaching, travelling, problem solving, all these things that applied to me,” says Alexander about the position. “So I figured I would try it and it worked out!”

Alexander currently works as a Software Implementation Representative. He works closely with clients to answer any questions and help them use the Reynolds & Reynolds software efficiently and effectively.

Going from a classroom with kids to a corporate environment was a challenge at first, but the training and mentorship he received from the company helped him quickly adjust to his new career.

“There are a lot of internal classes you do to learn about the position,” says Alexander. He also cites his manager as being a huge source of support as he learned the ropes of his new role. “It’s ongoing and always changing,” says Alexander about learning at Reynolds & Reynolds, but he likes it that way. In fact, it’s one of his favourite parts of the position.

“Some days you’re in an office, some days you’re on an airplane,” says Alexander. “It doesn’t get mundane by any means.”

Alexander’s advice for new grads
  • Be confident. The learning curve might feel steep at first, but it’s important to not let yourself get too overwhelmed. “You can’t learn everything in one day,” says Alexander.
  • Be patient. It takes time to really understand the product and get comfortable in a new role but if you work hard and stay focused, everything will fall into place.

Rochelle Comte

Rochelle Comte
Software Implementation Representative
Reynolds & Reynolds

For Rochelle Comte, it was the frequent travel opportunities that first attracted her to working with Reynolds & Reynolds.

“I’ve always loved to travel so I thought the job would be perfect for me,” says Rochelle.

Now she works as a Software Implementation Representative, visiting a new city every week to train Reynolds & Reynolds clients on their software. But before she could start teaching others, she had to go through her own training process.

“First I went to Mississauga and worked with a manager and another software implementation rep and they showed me a lot of the software and programs we use,” says Rochelle. “Then I did some training online, as well as training in Dayton to learn the software and to be better introduced to the company.”

Why Rochelle loves Reynolds & Reynolds
  • New places: Travel is a big part of many roles at Reynolds & Reynolds. Rochelle says she spends about 70% of her time travelling to new cities to meet clients.
  • New people: If you have top-notch interpersonal skills and love meeting new people like Rochelle, this might be the perfect job for you.
  • New challenges: Since the company’s software is always changing, expect lots of opportunities to expand your knowledge base and gain new skills.

When she first started, Rochelle says her biggest challenge was sticking to the rigorous training schedule. But she says getting to work alongside other new hires made the process a lot easier.

“It was fun,” says Rochelle. “I built really good relationships with my manager and team lead. I really like everyone I’ve worked with so far.”

Only 8 months into her role at Reynolds & Reynolds, Rochelle is already thinking about her future with the company. Her next steps? To learn more about the accounting, finance, and insurance aspects of the company’s software.

“The job is really rewarding,” says Rochelle. “I can see myself staying here for a really long time.”

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