Meet Stacia Van Zetten: Quality Assurance Representative At EllisDon


Stacia Van Zetten’s grandfather was an architect. As a child, she spent a lot of time watching him work in the field.

“When I was a kid, I’d always go to construction sites with him,” recalls Stacia. “I loved it. I enjoyed seeing the construction on the buildings.”

These early experiences inspired her to pursue Civil Engineering at Ryerson University. Stacia was required to take on an internship in her field of work for her program, so in her third year of university, she began searching for the perfect career-launching opportunity. Her desire to work in the construction industry eventually led her to EllisDon.

“I’d been living in downtown Toronto, so I had seen their signs around the city,” says Stacia. “I did my research and found out that they were one of the largest construction companies.”

Stacia spent the next 16 months as a QA Research and Development Intern at EllisDon. One of the things that surprised her was the level of trust the organization put in their team. Even at a junior level, Stacia was given a lot of responsibilities she never expected to have as an intern.

“They let me run meetings and even go to sites on my own,” says Stacia. “One of my biggest challenges was having to direct people older than me… but it was a good feeling to know that my employer respected and believed in me.”

The open company culture and her supportive co-workers played a huge factor in Stacia’s decision to return to EllisDon after graduation. Today, she works as a Building Sciences Quality Assurance Representative. Her responsibilities extend across several projects in different cities, including a subway terminal, a hospital, and highrise towers. She uses her technical knowledge and skills to support these projects, setting up quality control procedures and answering technical questions.

“One of the most important things I’ve learned is time management,” says Stacia. “I could be juggling 10 projects and I need to make sure I’m always in contact with people on each site and completing tasks. It’s important because each team needs to know they can rely on you.”

Stacia has followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and built a foundation for herself in the construction industry. But she’s paving her own unique career path in this field, and she doesn’t plan on leaving EllisDon anytime soon. Her plan is to continue learning and growing in this role, and making connections in this exciting field.

“I think the culture and the openness of this organization makes work easy,” says Stacia.

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