5 Festive Ways To Repurpose Your Study Notes At The End Of The Semester


The semester is coming to an end, and many students like you may have binders or notebooks filled with notes.

Do you just want to throw them away, though? If you’re feeling crafty this holiday season, you can give your academic scribblings some new life with these 5 fun tips.

Before you get started: Go through your notes. Pick out anything that you think may be useful in the future. Perhaps some math formulas, an explanation on how to write an annotated bibliography, or some concepts you can use for future classes.

1. Wrapping paper

Obviously, this not practical for large gifts, but it’s great for wrapping small gifts or stocking stuffers like a phone case or a wallet. Use your own discretion if you’re gifting for relatives or other people in your life. Note-paper gift wrap, I have found, can also add an element of intrigue to your gift as your recipients try to figure out what class they were for. A bonus if you’re wrapping gifts for your friends who took the class with you!

2. Gift or package stuffing

Some people use tissue paper, others newspaper – but you can be the person who uses old note-paper! Ensure your fragile gifts don’t get broken by wrapping them in the embrace of the pythagorean theorem. Just crumple the paper up into a loose ball so you have air to act as a cushion for whatever item(s) you are trying to keep safe.

3. Holiday cracker wrap

Used at Christmas or New Years, holiday crackers can build a bit of fun into your day. All you need to make your own is note-paper, an empty toilet paper roll, tape, ribbon, and a small item to fill your cracker!

  1. Take the notepaper and the toilet paper roll and lay it so that both long sides are parallel to each other. Tape one end of the paper to the toilet paper roll.
  2. Wrap the paper around the toilet paper roll so it is tightly fitted. Tape the other end of the paper to the roll.
  3. Twist one end and tie the ribbon around it.
  4. Fill the cracker with whatever candy, toy, jokes, confetti you have.
  5. Twist the other end closed and tie the ribbon around it.
  6. Tada! You have holiday crackers!

4. Decorations

There are a variety of holiday decorations that can be made with paper, including the classic paper snowflake or paper loop chains. Just cut your notes into strips loop each into a circle, glue them, then start linking them together. There are also hundreds of ideas floating around the web, so you can be incredibly creative!

5. Table origami

Need a centrepiece for a holiday dinner? Don’t worry – there are plenty of Christmas-themed origami tutorials you can find online. From Christmas trees to gift boxes to stars, you’ll find something to liven up the table settings!

What do you do with your old notes? Tell us in the comments

About the author

Patricia Antonelli is currently studying Rhetoric and Media and Communications at the University of the Fraser Valley, and has also completed an Introduction to Journalism Certificate. She loves helping people and writing – so contributing to TalentEgg is a natural fit. Oh, and she also loves cats.