Meet Kyle Nadiger: Assistant Project Manager At EllisDon


Like many students, Kyle Nadiger spent a lot of time scouting co-op opportunities in his field before he found the right one. With a background in Architectural and Building Science Technologies at SIAST, he was focused on finding a career path that fit his unique goals and skill-set.

Kyle Nadiger
Assistant Project Manager

It was his role at EllisDon that catapulted him into the Construction industry, where he not only gained experience and sharpened his skills, but also established himself as a valuable professional with a strong work ethic. This eventually resulted in an amazing full-time position as an Assistant Project Manager with the company.

We connected with Kyle to discuss his experiences with EllisDon and the Construction industry – read on!

The co-op experience

With a great set of skills and a professional attitude, Kyle had no trouble landing interviews and internship offers. He was very thorough in researching all his options, weighing the pros and cons of each opportunity. Ultimately, EllisDon came out on top.

“Previously, I had worked in a draftsperson role at another firm and realized that a desk role didn’t suit me,” says Kyle. “I had heard good things from my connections in Alberta and Ontario, and I knew the new site in Saskatchewan would have opportunities for growth.”

Kyle enjoyed his co-op experience with EllisDon so much that he returned to complete his second placement with the company. At this point, he had a feeling that this company was the one he wanted to start a career with after graduation. However, he wanted to make sure that the on-site work was the right fit for him.

“During my first work term, I really clicked with my co-workers,” says Kyle. “But my second co-op term reaffirmed that my first positive experience stemmed not only from my teammates, but from the work I was doing as well.”

Before he returned to school, Kyle received a full-time offer to return to the company after graduation – an offer he gladly accepted. While many of his peers spent their final semester sending out job applications, he took pride in the fact that he already had an offer secured.

Launching a full-time career

Today, Kyle has advanced his career from a Project Coordinator to an Assistant Project Manager. He is responsible for helping the Project Manager oversee the completion of an on-site project. His work involves writing contracts, assessing risk on equipment and the building itself, and more. Kyle’s current project has been in the works for about 18 months, and he says it’s been a great experience to oversee it from beginning to end.

“It’s an intense process and a big learning curve,” says Kyle. “I have a great Project Manager and Construction Manager who have been very supportive.”

Although Kyle is relatively new to his role compared to many of his veteran coworkers, he still receives a lot of flexibility and autonomy in his role. This is one of his favourite parts about the company culture at EllisDon.

“It’s an entrepreneurial company and they want us to have that spirit,” says Kyle. “EllisDon is truly an employee owned organization, and we all work towards the same goals.”

Final thoughts

After investing his efforts and countless hours into his work at EllisDon, Kyle has managed to climb the career ladder in an impressive amount of time. He has a lot of accomplishments to his name, and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

While Kyle has a lot more to learn about the industry, he says he doesn’t feel as much pressure as he did as a co-op student. He is confident in his skills, and his focus is on the tasks at hand and how he can best perform in his role.

His achievements have also come with valuable lessons that he’s picked up on the job. While he’s made his fair share of mistakes, he’s learned how to make the most of the experience and use it to his advantage.

“The most important thing to remember is to learn from your mistakes,” says Kyle. “Take your lessons learned and apply them to new situations.”

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