Students & Grads: Optimize Your Job Hunt This Holiday Season


The holidays are a very busy time of year, and because of that, job hunting usually gets pushed aside.

We get it. With unfinished to-do lists, gifts to wrap and dinners to plan, people have a lot on their minds. The onslaught of various holiday-related obligations can easily detract from your career pursuits.

But the beauty of job hunting is that you can find opportunity almost anytime, anywhere. It’s all about how you approach it. Here are some ways you can weave the holidays into your job hunt!

Attend holiday socials

T’is the season for merrymaking and elbow-rubbing. This is a great opportunity to mingle with prospective employers and make a positive impression.

Use various holiday events to make yourself available to potential contacts. Have you joined a club or committee that suits your interests? Make an effort to partake in their holiday functions– there may be some valuable connections in attendance that you haven’t made before.

Before you attend these festivities, be sure to get yourself ready. If you know who you want to connect with at the gathering, do some research on them and get to know their organizations. If you don’t have any people in mind, brush up on your industry knowledge so you can keep the conversation moving with ease over cups of ‘nog.

Create a holiday-themed business card

Social interactions are at their peak this time of year, so it’s important to be distinctive. Business cards sound old school, but giving an employer or a connection a physical item is a sure way to make an impression.

Breaking the bank is not necessary when making contact cards. Get your hands on some cardstock and design something festive on the computer. Get creative, and let your personality show – but be sure that the design you end up with still looks polished and professional (no glitter!)

Tweak the little things

Remember that your attitude comes through in everything you do, even through electronic exchanges. Personalizing your email signature with “Happy Holidays” and some red and green colours when corresponding with recruiters is an easy way to set yourself apart, while spreading mirth and cheer at the same time. Again, like the business cards, be sure that it looks clean and professional.

Send a card

The holidays are an opportune time to reconnect with former employers, mentors, and recruiters you’ve dealt with in the past. Take the time to express your appreciation and gratitude with a handwritten card. By letting them know you’re thinking of them, you’ll probably end up on their ‘nice’ lists!

Have you ever attended a holiday networking event? Tell us your experiences in the comments.