3 Great Reasons Why New Grads Should Pursue An Insurance Career


After spending years honing and developing your skills in school, it can be challenging to find the right industry to hatch your career in. You may be looking for a place that offers stability and resources to grow, or perhaps one where you can push your limits and sharpen your skills.

An Insurance career can offer all of the above and more. This field is not only in-demand, it’s an industry that can incorporate a wide variety of skills and talents – meaning it’s a great place to find your career fit!

If you haven’t considered a career in this egg-citing industry, these Insurance professionals have 3 great reasons why you should. Take a look!

There’s an opportunity for everyone

“Whether their background is in business or science or medicine or arts, it doesn’t matter. We can find a role for you in the Insurance industry that is linked with your past.”
Sara Runnalls

The Insurance industry is unique because it can incorporate a diverse range of skill-sets and utilize talent from a variety of backgrounds. In short, almost anyone can find a career that fits them in this field!

Chris Hirte is a Broker in the Insurance industry. He describes this field as a “sleeping giant” when it comes to job opportunities – a great place for young professionals to begin and grow their careers!

“There’s tons of opportunities in Insurance,” says Chris. “It’s never going away. It’s one of those things you’re always going to need because, even in a recession, people still need Insurance.”

Because the Insurance industry is able to accommodate so many different types of professionals, it boasts an incredibly diverse workforce. There is absolutely no shortage of creativity or personality when it comes to this industry – in fact, it’s these unique perspectives that help make Insurance such an exciting place to work.

From sciences to the arts, the Insurance industry is like a patchwork quilt of talented individuals. It doesn’t matter what your work history looks like – if you’re analytical, a great communicator, or a relationship builder, Insurance has a place for you!

It’s exciting

“I’m a very social person. And Insurance, for me, is a very social career… it’s fun, it’s exciting, and you get to meet a lot of great people!”
Juliana Agriesti
Marketing Representative

If you think Insurance is boring, then perhaps it’s time for you to get re-acquainted with the industry.

“I always laugh and chuckle when people say Insurance is boring,” says Jerry Chien, a Risk Manager in the Insurance industry. “Yeah, when I was growing up I also thought that Insurance was boring. But I’ve been in the industry for 15+ years and believe me, it is not.”

There are a lot of aspects to the Insurance industry that are perfect for outgoing individuals – in fact, many professionals agree there is no such thing as a “typical day” in this field. Each day brings its own set of challenges, whether it’s in the form of a new portfolio, a new client meeting, or a new project.

In order to thrive in this field, you need to be open and adaptable to new experiences. If you love to travel, develop relationships with clients, and create solutions for people, then you can certainly find a place in this field that suits you.

“One of the clients I used to work with was a luxury hotel chain,” recalls Jerry. “We used to go to all the different properties… so we got to go all around the world staying at these luxury facilities. It was just an amazing experience.”

You get to help others

“Insurance is vibrant. It’s challenging. It’s rewarding.”
Rizwan Munir
Product Developer

If you’re looking for a fulfilling career, Insurance is a fantastic place to work. Insurance professionals work each day with the knowledge that they are supporting their clients during difficult and challenging times.

“For me, working in Insurance is like doing a good deed,” says Rizwan Munir, a Product Developer. “I’m involved in something that helps our communities at a time when they need help the most.”

The most successful Insurance professionals take their craft to heart, knowing that each case they take on will have a positive effect on others. This is the driving force behind this industry, and one of the reasons why so many committed and talented individuals choose to pursue their careers here.

However, the Insurance industry isn’t only about supporting their clients – it’s also about supporting the individuals within the system. Many young professionals who join this field are pleasantly surprised to learn that their co-workers and managers are fully invested in supporting their career development and growth. Laura Van Vliet says that in her personal experience, the professionals in this industry are very open and encouraging of each other.

“I never dreamed of working in Insurance but I really found my place here,” she says. “There’s such a great community that’s involved in the Insurance industry – everyone wants to see you succeed.”

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