Tips For Students: How To Deliver An Effective Presentation


Presentations are a regular part of student life.

From Prezi to PowerPoint, there are a plenty of tools available to help you craft an amazing slideshow. However, amazing slides and content are only part of what makes up an effective presentation. Your delivery is what really separates the good presentations from the great ones.

Give a clear and confident presentation with these top tips!

Know exactly what you’re going to say

girl mirror (1280x880)As you’re working on your slides, make a note of the major points you want to say for each slide and then put them all together into one speech. Once you’ve completed this, start rehearsing your presentation in front of a mirror and/or in front of people whose feedback you trust. This will help you time your presentation so you can shorten or lengthen it, if necessary. It will also help you get comfortable with your content y so you can avoid any awkward pauses or filler “ums” and “ahs.” A smooth and seamless delivery guarantees that your audience will focus on the content, not your stumbles.

Begin with a “table of contents”

Now it’s presentation time! After you’ve introduced yourself, start off your presentation by giving your audience an idea of what they can expect. This can be done verbally, or you can devote a slide to outlining the presentation agenda. This is an important feature because an organized start shows the audience that you’re prepared and that there is a planned progression for your presentation.

Make your transitions logical

whiteboard-849810_1920End each slide with a clear and logical transition to the next. You can do this by briefly summarizing the section in one sentence, and discussing how the next section is related to the previous one. If there is no clear connection, talk about how the next section fits into the overall picture. Abruptly jumping from slide to slide can be jarring to your audience. Well thought out transitions will help your presentation flow smoothly from beginning to end. It will also remind the audience of where you are in the presentation and what’s coming up next.

Have a dress rehearsal

window-770535_1920If you have the time, try and arrange a dress rehearsal. Part of the anxiety of presenting is the ‘fear of the unknown.’ Since a presentation is live, there are always some things that you can’t control but you can help alleviate some of this stress by doing a run-through of your talk in your presentation room. This will give you a chance to address any logistical and technical concerns (like connecting your laptop to the projector) well in advance, rather than seconds before you’re scheduled to present.

The key to an effective presentation is knowing your stuff, inside and out. When you project confidence and expertise, your audience will be engaged from beginning to end.

Have any presentation tips or tricks? Share in the comments below!